3 Ways to save money on a condo deal

Purchasing a residence means getting ready for the mortgage payment and sticking with it year after year. So you need to create a strategy through which you can save money on mortgages and the initial down payment of the house. Now, it is really difficult if you are purchasing a house but with condos, there is no such worry. However no matter how low the price has been set up, there is no harm in trying to save some amount, right?

Now negotiation requires innate talent and quick thinking. Also, you need to know the exact areas that you can point out to get a great deal on Stirling residences floor plan condominiums.

Condo price negotiation techniques

Just because you will be going into a price struggle journey and negotiating the initial price, do not search for flaws. Many customers make the mistake of negotiating in total budget of a condo’s current condition. Like for example, a customer might start to negotiate a deal on condominium that has dampened walls. You may think that you are cracking a great deal, after all, the seller may sell this condo for a surprising amount!

You are going to make a huge mistake if you take the offer and purchase the condo. Walls will be frequently absorbing the moisture. It will cause them to develop molds which are harmful to health. Also, this occurrence is so frequent that there is a chance of great compromise in the insurance department. In the future, you will be left with only one unpleasant choice – breaking down or stripping off the wall and replacing it. And did you know that moisture has the ability to spread from one wall to every nook and corner of the condo?

Hence the advice is to not make a deal on the future well being of the condo at all. Rather, here are all the factors that you can make a deal on:

1.Proximity to the main entrance

 Without the shadow of a doubt, this is a very fine example! Negotiation on the terms of proximity to the main entrance is a great idea. Just run this fact by the real estate agency that is finalizing the deal. Keep on repeating how unsatisfied you are with the condo’s position being far from the main entrance. Mention that it is going to take you much more effort to enter the location.

2.Use the garage excuse

 Condominium societies have a massive parking lot but individual parking facility is not given to every family. And this is your next best excuse. Try negotiating on the price by declaring that you have cars and need individual parking space that too covered. Next, ask them what other alternatives they could provide. As condos do not come with an individual special treatment saga, you can crack the price negotiation term.

3.Overall condition

 Is the condo a virgin residence or has it been used by others before you? And if so, then how many people has it been?

The older the house is the chances of getting a better deal is greater.

So put those bargaining skills to proper use and fetch greatest deal on Stirling residences floor plan condos!