4 Key Tips to Be Safe While Using YouTube Video Converter

By now we all know that we can pretty much download every video from YouTube with the help of a YouTube converter. Whether you want only the mp3 format of the video or an mp4, the converters are there for your service.

You can pick YouTube to mp4 download option that is easily available in these converters. But before you make a choice to download videos from a YouTube mp3 shark converter or any other converters, there are certain safety tips that you must follow.

After all, you don’t want it to be a victim of malware. So just follow this guide to pick the best YouTube converter for your PC.

1.       Download the converter from the official website

Okay, this might be one of the most basic yet significant safety tips when it comes to choosing the best YouTube converter. Always pick to download the converter from an official website or a reputable archive.

Avoid getting a YouTube converter from an unknown developers’ site. Specifically, do not download converter software’s from those sites that host these tools using a free hosting service.

This can lead to a redirected web page or pop-ups or a page asking your personal information.

2.       Read freeware reviews

Reviews are one of the best ways to find out the authenticity of a product. The most genuine YouTube converter software has tons of reviews from editors and customers.

Also, tech magazines such as PCMag deliver a very elaborative description of these converters and provide their skilled opinion. However, sometimes these reviews can be absolutely biased and should not completely trust them.

Try to look for other safety guidelines accompanied by reading reviews.

3.       Scan your software download

To check the genuineness of a YouTube video converter one must always run a scan with the help of Anti-virus software. Even if you do not have anti-virus software, you can always scan the converter in an online web service such as VirusTotal.com.

If there are no alert messages after the scan then feel free to install the YouTube converter software on your desktop.

4.       Stay away from entering personal info

Entering your personal information is always a risky business online. Hence, a YouTube converter that asks for filling personal information must be avoided at all costs.

Your personal information can be hacked and utilized illegally. So be aware of such sites that ask for personal info.

These are some of the tips that will keep you safe and will enable you to download the most genuine YouTube converter. Whether you want a converter with a YouTube to mp4 download option or opt for a YouTube mp3 shark converter, run these safety tips for sure.