4 Things that you don’t know about Seedbox

New users really find it difficult to make a decision about remote servers. They often hover among several questions – Which server will be the best for business purpose? Which server will give high speed? Which server is cost-effective and simultaneously caters to every need? Likewise, there is a list of questions that a new user wants to know.

Are you having the same list of questions or maybe others? In that case, reading this blog will guide you to make the best decision about purchasing a server.

It seems like you are hesitating to buy a seedbox server. Don’t worry! We will give you a brief idea about the server and why you must go for it. Probably you will learn about the things that you don’t know about the server.

Just scroll down the Wikipedia and study the technical definition of the remote server.

It says it is a hosting server that acts remotely and comes with an extensive bandwidth range. The range starts with 100Mbits/s and end up with 10Gbits/s, offering an optimum speed for uploading and downloading.

But is that enough to decide on the server? Is that enough to make investments in it? Obviously, not.

There are several things that you need to know about this server. Let us unfold them gradually.

Do you know this remote server prevents bandwidth throttling?

Bandwidth throttling is a process to slow down the internet service by trimming the bandwidth range. This measure is taken to regulate the traffic congestion in the network, limiting the user’s upload and download rates.

Unlike the ISPs like Comcast, Seedbox server prevents bandwidth throttling, allowing the users to access the entire network with ease.

Do you know the server offers 1:1 upload download ratio to the users?

Not just the downloading speed, users are also concerned about uploading speed. They look for a perfect balance in both downloading and uploading files. Using these remote servers you get the chance to upload and download large files within a few seconds. Yes, it offers 1:1 upload download ratio to the users – a perfect balance to conduct your work online.

This is possible due to the use of the BitTorrent Protocol. Yeah! The protocol is known for providing a seamless communication network for peer-to-peer file sharing. It can be any large digital file, for example, digital video files or digital audio files – all can be uploaded or downloaded within a few seconds.

It is an amazing feature provided by the server. Isn’t it?

Do you know the server takes care of your privacy?

Using this server, you can make all your data or files private, thus not making it visible to others. Some servers even come up with VPN facility. With this property, all your files or data will be encrypted, making it more secure for the user.

Do you know it offers seamless streaming of video files?

You might have heard that the high-bandwidth remote server can host media files. But do you know that many of them come with pre-installed Plex or KODI? Surprised? You must be.

Plex and KODI are the two competing media centers present within the server, making the server a destination for media files. Be it any video content, you can access them with ease. It gives you the accessibility to watch directly from the server simply by streaming the videos.

Reaching the bottom line, a seedbox is a cost-effective investment that provides a great solution to every network related problem. Due to its large-scale bandwidths, they are now highly recognized when using private torrent trackers.

Do you really find any reason to avoid it? Probably not. So, stop hesitating and keep torrenting using this remote server.

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