4 Ways To Become Video Game Testers

Die hard gamers could actually find an employment that matches their preferences. Many people are able to make a living by testing video games. They are part of the development team. Many people would love to be paid to try and play video games. They can play games both for fun and work. Here are things that we should do before we work as tester in the video game industry:

Get some experience in playing games

This won’t be an issue for many real gamers. They often pay free beta versions of new games and play the commercial paid version. Being able to work as video game tester is an accomplishment that many gamers would envy. Real gamers would be ahead of many applicants, because they have enough experience to play games.

Write a resume

It is essential for any job search activity. Resume is essentially a personal marketing tool to showcase our talents. Many gamers tend to underestimate the importance of good resume. Without proper resume, employers won’t be able to know the real potentials of these games. In this case, we should avoid putting together bland, shabby-looking resume.

Many real gamers are competing for the tester position, so it is important for them to stand above the rest by having an outstanding resume. In this case, we should take enough effort and time to form our resume. It isn’t just a piece of paper, it is real representation of our abilities and skills.

Do your research and choose the right company

Some gamers love to play PC and others prefer consoles. They may also choose FPS, RTS or RPG. Like many people, gamers also have specific preferences over others. It we don’t enjoy the task, then what’s the point of becoming video game testers. Game testing isn’t always a fun thing to do. Many times we are required to play specific levels with buggy gameplay.

We could also be asked to repeat the same level over and over again, so we can approach it from different levels to find possible bugs. In this case, it is important for us to learn more about the company and its overall goals. They may have specific expectation from employees. In general, the company should be a good fit for us.

Apply for the job

This is the actual action of attempting to become video game tester. We should try to figure out about the best way to apply for the job. Many game development companies have details on how to apply for job. In this case, we should find a position that suits us. In general, our resume should be simple and descriptive enough.

The resume should be written in simple Microsoft Word format, so it will be easy enough for employers to open. In this case, we should try to follow up anything that employer tells us. It is also acceptable to occasionally call the Human Resources department to check the status of our application. In this case, we should try to be quite proactive.

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