5 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Bed

A bed is the gateway to the world of dreams. From our bed, we traveled to infinite worlds, unique and distant places. When you close your eyes, let’s wrap by the wings of our subconscious, being protagonists of a lot of events chaotic and disorganized, but magical and adventurous. If you are one of those who loves to wallow in blanket dreams, what better to do it than an original and unique bed to accompany you in the process.

Change the look of your bedroom with these little great ideas. Sometimes I feel like moving, to be in a new, different place. But with all the complications that entails, in general, I can only dream of it. And it is in those moments that I realize that all I need is a change.

And when the budget does not allow me to make big changes in the decoration of my house, I turn to ingenious ideas how to decorate the bed to my room look new. And works!

Liven Colors

If your bedroom looks very stuck with a neutral decor, Give life with colors! Add blankets, bedspreads, pillows and paintings in vibrant colors like orange, yellow, or a combination of several of them.

Give a Rustic Touch

If you’re tired of a minimalist style or perhaps very colorful and complex, choose to give a rustic touch to your room. To achieve chooses blankets and covers fibers and natural colors, opt for white linen or cotton sheets, and try all possible furniture is rustic wood.

Give a Vintage Touch

If you cannot spend much money, you opt for a vintage style that you can create from beautiful and ancient things you can find in antique shops and flea markets. Here the secret is to create attractive combinations with disparate pieces.

Give a Minimalist Touch

Tired of all the things that pile up in your bedroom? Get everything you can and stay with the bare minimum to achieve a minimalist style. As for the colors, opt for pure white with touches of black and a contrasting color, like red, orange or green apple here and there.

Give a Luxurious Touch

Do you dream of a bedroom out of a fairy tale or removed from the home of a celebrity? If you can not give that style at all, at least try to give a luxurious touch to your bedroom! Gold, crystal, and flowers are almost mandatory.

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