5 Reasons To Go For Internship Programs At Your College

One of the biggest regrets I would ever have is not doing enough internship during my college days. At that time, the advantages and usefulness of the exercise had not dawned upon me. But now that it has, it is only prudent that I share it with everyone. There are many advantages of joining an internship program at your college, especially if you’re enrolled in one of the top B-schools of India. The recruitment of interns happen through placement within the program and the experience is helpful in ways more than one. Here are some major benefits of enrolling in an internship program:

5 Reasons To Go For Internship Programs At Your College

  1. Enhancement of CV:

It is a well-known fact that the more glorified your CV is the better chances you have to get a good job of your choice. Top employers prefer candidates who have done some or the other internship during their degree course. Hence, it makes complete sense to add prestigious and beneficial internships in your CV.

  1. Experience:

The biggest advantage of internship programs is the experience they provide. Fresh out of college, jobs can be very intimidating for young adults. But the experience one gets from their internships help in overcoming the stress of a new job and prepares better for the corporate world.

  1. Confidence:

Internships arm you with new skills that you might need in future jobs of the same field. The best MBA colleges in India, the likes of IILM, make sure that the placements of their students are in prestigious firms which give them the much-needed confidence for their future. It also teaches them many things that they might need in their jobs ahead.

  1. Discipline:

College life is very different from work-life and hence, internship programs provide a window to the challenges that one might face in their future employment. It teaches students the right work ethic and provides them with an idea of a routine. So, when they enter the corporate world, they are more acquainted with the work culture compared to those who did not enrol in any internship during college.

  1. Exposure:

An internship in the top companies ensures exposure and connection-building for the individual. It acts like the perfect launching pad for the person to enter the professional world. The network that the individuals are introduced to is immense and can be very helpful. Many students get a pre-placement offer while they’re interning, thus, internships also provide innumerable job opportunities and may help you get the job of your choice right after college.