5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Hadoop?

Hadoop sits firmly in the center of the World of Big data. This World of big data has been evolving hugely since Hadoop was first released a few years ago. When Hadoop was first released, it was simply a distributed file system that ran on a computer cluster and allowed you to write map reduce jobs. It simply takes unstructured data and turns it into structured data. Thus was Hadoop when it was first introduced, then the evolution of Hadoop has been so intense and today Hadoop means so much more than that.

With Hadoop, it is possible for organizations to store all the data generated by their businesses at a reasonable price which means a lot of organizations are able to efficiently use their bucks. Now, the big question is how is learning Hadoop helpful to you as an individual? Read below all the more reason for you to learn Hadoop, unless you want to be behindhand by your data-less environment!

5 Reasons why you should Learn Hadoop?

Job portal sites are flooded with Hadoop jobs – Hadoop is among the most soughtafter skills in the Big Data market and there is 90% increase in the demand for Hadoop certified professionals in the year 2016 – 2017. Organizations are willing to pay fat paychecks and invest in Hadoop-skilled professionals as surveys and reports on big data shows a stable market with a good career prospect.

Future ahead is greener – Big Data market is growing exponentially and Hadoop as a backbone of big data market is not going to disappear anytime. Forbes states that 90% of Multi-national business and organizations have pledged to invest on Big Data Analytics and technologies

Opportunity to work with Giant MNCs – Giants like Cloudera, Hortonworks, Amazon Web Services, IBM, Microsoft, Google, eBay, Oracle are plunging deeper on the implementation of big data and Hadoop. If you want to make it big then you should be a part of the game.

Multiple roles to choose from – As big data finds its implementation in various domains, Hadoop professionals can work in a wide-ranging roles such as Hadoop Architect, Hadoop Developer, Hadoop Developer Consultant, Data Scientist, Hadoop Administrator, Big data architect and Data Engineer. In addition, professionals should have a deep-rooted understanding of the framework in implementing this technology.

Keep in track with the big data market – Hadoop is identified as one of the fastest growing technologies in the big data market. In order to go with the flow in the big data market, now is the right time to come out of your cubicle and enter data driven digitized World out there.

If you are a wannabe Data Scientist looking to make a name for yourself in the big data market or a beginner or already an expert in the field, get started today, intensify your learning and add more worth with Big Data and Hadoop courses. Do share other valuable reasons in the comments section below which you feel would be the reason to learn Hadoop.

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