5 Useful Leather Anniversary Gifts for The Corporate Soul

Celebrating work anniversary is a primary part of the office culture! When work anniversaries are celebrated employees feel motivated and appreciated, which compels them to work hard. What’s more?

Work anniversaries are necessary for offering credence and recognition to workers who have spent blood, sweat and tears for the betterment of their respective companies. Thus, if you’re thinking of stocking up a few corporate gifts for your diligent workers it is best to pick leather items.

Why? Leather is authentic, professional, stylish and lasts up to a long time. Additionally, leather has been around for thousands of years and still is used for high fashion. Therefore, leather products are authentic and never run out of style.

On that note, take a look at 6 unique leather products, which your corporate employees will love!

  1. Planner Binder 

Let’s say it’s the 5th anniversary of your assistant. Now, being a personal assistant isn’t a piece of cake. He/she has to continually organize calls, meetings, plans, the client meets, and whatnot. Not to mention, he/she is your personal ‘memo’.

As a result, this human might have issues with organizing schedules sometimes, thus it is best to gift this employee an A4 planner binderThis leather binder can store all his/her essentials like leather pads, iPads, Phones, credit cards, notes etc.

What’s best? The A4 size is easy to carry and thus, convenient for your employee’s use too!

  1. Leather Journal 

For subordinate employees who are the backbone of your enterprise the best gift item to pick is a corporate leather journal. This journal can help them categorically jot down their to-do-list, make plans, write about clients and strategize their daily/monthly activities.

Additionally, you can customize this leather journal by adding your company’s logo on it. How? Well, many corporate gift stores offer the option of logo imprinting. So, ensure to pick one that provides this option for making the gift authentic.

  1. Leather Portfolio

For 3-5 year anniversaries, a leather portfolio is an ideal present. You can pick this for dedicated employees or managers too. This leather portfolio is a prerequisite for any corporate soul. Why? Well, this portfolio stores one’s best career highlights and achievements.

Not to mention, if one has a side hobby or two like painting and designing, this portfolio can store the best works of that person. As a result, an employee can use this to generate a side income too!

  1. Leather Scrapbook 

Want to pick a present that is not too professional, but also isn’t very casual? Well, then go for a leather scrapbook for your favorite employees work anniversary! This scrapbook can store corporate images, images of his artwork, designs, family and more.

Further, the leather scrapbook looks authentic, sophisticated and if stored carefully can last up to a long time.

  1. Corporate Leather Photo Album 

For 5-year plus anniversaries, the ideal present is gifting a leather photo album to your employee. This can be for a manager, an assistant, an accountant or more. Further, picking a leather album also doubles up as an ideal present for a work partner or client.

For example, if you’re picking a gift for a client, you can personalize it by adding images of you and your client at work, fun, and events. This will make the gift look authentic and singular. Also, it’ll showcase your goodwill for the client, which will help in future negotiations.

On that note, now that you’re aware of the five kinds of rustic anniversary gifts to pick for your employees and clients, start buying the leather accessories today! Just ensure to pick a reputed corporate gift store for best results.