7 Things To Consider When Writing Video Games Reviews

Making a living out of reviewing video games seems like a whole lot of fun. It is often said as the best job in the world. In reality, video games reviews can be very daunting to write. There may not be enough time to write one quality review a week. Video games are often designed to be quite complex. Completing a game can be performed rather quickly if we are determined enough, but video games reviewers often need to replay the game to allow them see the game from a different perspective and write a good review. Here are things that we should do:

Perform preliminary research

We should learn more about the game before it is released. In this case, we should be able to determine more details about the game, before it is released. After learning more about the game, we could write previews by analyzing teasers, leaks and other information.

Check gameplay

Eventually, the game should be released and this is an opportunity to check whether the game is interesting enough. We should check how difficult the game is and what kind of enemies we would encounter. We should check the probable length of the game. We should provide some tips and tricks based on our experience playing the game. It would be useful for people to get advices from people who have been playing the game for hours. We may not need to define how many hours we spend playing the game. The more important thing is to inform specific details about the game.

Check graphics

Many games use 3D technology, but we could still find 2D games as well, such as sidescrolling, platform and isometric games. With 3D games, we should pay better attention to details of animation and characters. We should be able to inform gamers whether they should appreciate and despise the graphics. There could be specific details that we need to check, such as the glow of the torch in the dungeon. Obviously, we should make sure that our computer is powerful enough to run the game at maximum details and at acceptable frame rates. If we review latest 3D games quite often, it would be necessary to allocate enough budgets to purchase proper PC.

Check audio

This may not be a significantly deciding factor, but good sound, especially for action and first person shooter games can be essential. We should describe how sound and music influences the gaming experience.

Check controls

Video games are about controlling characters and objects in the game. The game could be controlled with joystick, mouse, keyboard or Dpad.

Check replay value

Replay values are essential for many gamers. Open-world games often have higher replay values, while heavily scripted games could have more limited replay values.

Provide proper score

Based on these criteria, we should be able to score the game. The conclusion section should be short and informative enough for people who don’t have the time to read the whole reviews.

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