8 Ways To Eradicate Anxiety While Using Airplane

For many people, travelling with airplane can feel really tedious. There are rigid security details, long waits and so many requirements. In order to avoid anxiety during air travel, there are things that we should do:

Arrive early

This is probably the most common advices we hear. If we are lucky enough, we should be able to go through the security much more easily. In general, we should arrive at the airport about two hours before the time of departure. We may need to arrive earlier, if we travel with infants and small children. In general, things will be simpler if we go to smaller airports.

Avoid peak hour

There are peak hours in airports and it is preferable to choose early morning or late-night flights. Typically, the airport is more crowded between 8AM to 9PM.

Bring enough cash

We should keep at least $100 handy in small bills, especially for a long trip. It will be useful for a cup of coffee, some snack, cab fare, tips and others. It is preferable not to use credit cards.

Follow all instructions

There are instructions that we need to follow along the way. This should allow us to go through many checkpoints much faster. We should promptly and politely obey all requests from the airline personnel, airport security and police officers. Any resistance and reluctance will only raise their suspicion and we will be checked much more closely.

Don’t wear anything made from metal

Metal objects would trigger metal detectors in the airport. As an example, we should make a list of metal objects, such as keys and other objects. During a long trip, it is a bad idea to choose belt buckle made from metal, because it will cause more problems and more inconvenience.

Double check everything

It is essential for us to double check everything. In this case, we should make a proper list of things that we should carry. We should also perform a research on things that are often considered as potentially dangerous during flight. We should also be aware that luggage can be randomly checked, so we should make sure that we don’t pack everything too tightly. Small items should be placed in transparent plastic bags so they can be searched quickly and we could inform the security personnel as they search through our bags.

Carry enough identification documents

The basic identification documents we should carry are our own ID card, other than the passport. It is also a good idea to bring our driving license and even our company identification tag to confirm our occupation. It means that we should have enough card holders in our wallet.

Travel light

If possible, we should only bring carry-on luggage. This would be useful during longer flights and we shouldn’t bring than allowed. There could be things that we need to consider and one of the more important things is to avoid overloading ourselves.

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