A Beginners Guide to Aconcagua Climb

While climbing may be a passion for you, it takes a lot of effort and preparation before you make yourself ready for climbing.

It can be thrilling at the same time daunting.

But all your effort seems worthy when you get to the top and enjoy the scenic beauty.

If you want to know how to climb Aconcagua mountain and what are the things you should follow then read further.

First of all, your body should be capable enough to handle the climate change, a high altitude. Though Aconcagua is considered to be one of the safest mountains. So, every year almost 3000+ people attempt it who are unqualified.

Among those, out of every eight people only half will reach the summit.

So, how would you make yourself capable enough?

Here’s a guide for you to help yourself prepare for the Aconcagua climb even if you are a beginner.

Without any ado let’s dive in.

  1. Do Cardio

When you are making your body ready for an uphill climb, the cardio exercise is a must thing to do.

Especially when you are not the type of person who is into a lot of exercises and all then your body might get a shock because of the exertion.

So, before you go for the actual climb do some cardio exercise. You can either jog in the morning or run for a couple of minutes. Push your body to its ultimate each time you go for a run or jog.

  1. Study Mountaineering

Climbing is an art.

It takes technical knowledge and knowledge of the route you are climbing. If you have the idea of the route then you will know what kind of danger you may face and prepare yourself accordingly.

So, if you want to know how to climb Aconcagua, you must read a lot about it besides preparing yourself.

  1. Add High Carbs and Protein

When you are into exercise then the diet plays an important role to shape your body.

While exercising your body burns a lot of carbohydrates, so to keep it charged you need to have a proper balance of carbohydrate and protein also.

Make nuts, trail mix, bread, candies in your daily food habits.

  1. Invest in Shoes

Isn’t shopping your favourite thing to do?

If yes then give me a high five.

Before you go for climbing you should invest in buying shoes. Your life depends on these small things when you go for climbing. So, don’t settle for anything which is dodgy.

You don’t have to buy the most expensive one but still, you should make proper research before you buy your shoes for climbing.

  1. Never Give Up

You may face days when you feel like you cannot make it to the top. You may feel devastated for wasting your money and not able to enjoy the top view.

But trust me you can make it.

You will see each and every mountaineer has this mentally strong attitude which keep them going.

So, before you go for an Aconcagua climb make sure you prepare yourself mentally.


If you don’t have any idea about Aconcagua climb then there are companies which provide you guide and they conduct yearly expedition. So, you will have a bunch of people who are just like you.

So, when are you going for a climbing?

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