A Few Important Facts About Psychometric Test

For an organization to meet the requirement of manpower is very important. One cannot have fully automated plants or machines and hence to operate them it is important to hire effective manpower. To deploy quality person at the right place is important, and hence for the recruiters, it is a must to know if the person fits for the concerned job or not. In such situation, they prefer to take some tests of the candidates available for the job.

Psychometric tests are the scientific and standard method used for measuring an individual’s behavioural style and mental capabilities. These tests are conducted to measure one’s suitability for a particular role based on cognitive abilities and personality characteristics. These tests are helpful in identifying the hidden personality traits of a candidate that are difficult to analyse in a face to face interaction.

Many companies conduct psychometric tests on the candidates before recruiting them to check whether they are suitable for the company or not. They assess the candidate based on the result of the test. These tests are set up to evaluate one’s capacity to work with others as a teammate, cope with the job and work stress and the capability to process information. Usually, the psychometric assessment test is taken online, though very occasionally an employer may opt for a paper test.

Brief History

Psychometric tests have been used since the early 20th century when they were only used for the educational, psychological purposes. Alfred Binet in 1905 introduced the concept of ‘artificial intelligence.’ These tests have evolved since then and have become an important feature within large competitive organizations. These organizations use this test to assess the candidate on the basis of acquired skills rather than the educational background.

  • When are psychometric tests used?

Many recruiters use this test for the following reasons:

  1. These tests are objective and impersonal. The candidates are compared without any bias.
  2. These tests make the recruitment process efficient for the candidate is chosen for his skills instead of the educational background.
  3. These tests are proven to be reliable in assessing future job performance of a candidate.
  • Why Are Psychometric Tests Used?

Graduate recruiters, in particular, like to use psychometric tests for the following reasons:

These tests may appear at any one of these stages in the recruitment process:

  • Immediately after submitting the form;
  • Add on in an interview;
  • Before or after the main interview;

Tips for this Test

  • Find outside what the recruiter wants in the applicant

This test provides the employer with all your behavioural profile- your aptitude or skills, your problem-solving methods and the other relevant attributes. So make sure to call up the employer prior the test to find out what skills he wants in the applicant.

  • Get yourself in good mental and physical shape

Make sure you are all ready and fit before the test. Fatigue can affect your performance, so make sure to take small breaks between the tests to regain the energy.

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