A Reminder For Age-Appropriate Fashion For Millennials

The sun is up, and the temperatures are searing. Summer is fast approaching. Admittedly, a lot of people are already planning their summer escapades and trips. A good trip would be to the beach where a lot of individuals will inevitably spend most of their summers.

A lot of people often break out sweating during the summer. A lot of them blame the sun and the scorching temperatures. Another big reason for a lot of sweating is the people’s clothing that prevents air circulation. Clothing such as those, do not allow the skin to breathe, mainly keeping in the warm and hot temperature inside.

Here are some tips for men on what to wear during the summer:


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During summer, cotton is the most likable fabric to wear. A lot of people opt for cotton because cotton allows the skin to be breathable. Also, cotton is a poor insulator which means heat transparent from the material. Here are two variations of cotton.

Chambray – A fabric preferred by a lot of people during summer is chambray. It usually is confused with denim. This fabric is perfect for summer shirts. Like cotton, chambray is also very breathable.

Madras – A hand woven fabric made especially for summer, Madras is recognizable by its unique, plaid patterns. As it is hand woven, its texture makes it very breathable, allowing the outside air to touch its wearer.


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Ever wonder why summer is a celebration full of vibrant colors? Well, that’s because these bright colors tend to reflect away sunlight and causes the wearer to feel much cooler. Summer is a time for a lot of fun activities, that’s why colors that denote excitement and adventure are also the favorite choice of most people.

These favored vibrant colors are red, yellow, orange, and pink. Very light or pale shades of blue and purple are also a good choice. White is also an excellent choice for shirts. As mentioned above, bright colors tend to reflect sunlight away from the wearer. Darker colors, however, absorb more heat which makes the wearer feel much warmer.


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In summer, less clothing is more. Fewer layers is a trend in picking the best summer outfits. Here are some important pieces of men’s clothing that people should take notice of in the summer time.

Shorts – Whether it’s going to a market for groceries or spending a walk in sandy beaches, shorts should be the choice for a lot of men. Shorts are also the greatest indicator that summer is finally here. Shorts are breathable, exposing parts of your legs to the open air.

The only drawback with shorts is that these piece of clothing is a big fashion blunder in any formal meetings or gatherings. Although they might be highly stylish, shorts should never accompany anyone while going to work.

T-shirts – T-shirts are always part of a man’s wardrobe essentials. No matter how many people detest wearing this clothing, neither of these garments ever go out of style. In the summer, guys should opt for single, solid colored shirts than going for shirts with large graphics on them.

Footwear – Choose the best footwear conducive for any activity you do in summer. For example, wear sandals and flip flops when going to the beach. During walks, canvas sneakers like those from vans and converse which are very breathable.

Like shorts, some footwear is also unacceptable when going to formal occasions. Business meetings require men to wear closed shoes to present that professional look. In this situation, choose suede shoes which are excellent pair-ups for keeping your feet cool.


Men should always remember that looking good doesn’t have to compromise comfort. When picking out the best pieces of summer men’s clothing, opt for those made out of breathable and light fabrics. These garments are readily available at sites such as French Connection. Also, choose the most vibrant colors instead of those darker ones. Bright colors tend to absorb less heat and in some cases, will even reflect heat away from its wearer.

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