Apps That Help Improve Productivity

Parents! Don’t be so quick to grab that smartphone from your kids’ hands as they may be doing much more than just playing Pokémon on them. These days, there are a number of apps available on practically every kind of smartphone that helps you increase and boost your productivity levels. Plus, there are a number of apps available in your play store that can contribute to any area of your life that needs improvement such as your health, fitness and wellness, finance, saving and budgeting and much more.

Smartphones have replaced books, newspapers, and even computers and laptops. They give us the entire world at our fingertips and give us access to anything, anytime, anywhere. Here are a few top apps that allow us to increase our productivity levels during the day and make our lives more efficient, organized and fulfilling –

Microsoft office – Let’s not forget this amazing software that got us through tough presentations at business meetings with PowerPoint, corrected our grammatical and spelling errors with Word, helped us draw pie charts and bar graphs with Excel and receive and send emails at the speed of light with Outlook. Microsoft has become an integral part of our lives and we can’t seem to do anything without it whether it’s on our desktops, laptops or smartphones. The Microsoft app is available on iOS and Android and is so compatible that it works just as well if not better than it would on your desktop computer. There’s nothing about this software that is unproductive.

Workflow – This mobile app is only exclusive to all you Apple fans out there (but I’m sure there’s an Android equivalent available). This app helps you consolidate tasks on your phone and manage apps that take up too much of your time. From organizing appointments in your calendar to creating workflows to saving images from a web page, Workflow allows you to do just about anything on your phone but ten times easier.

PocketGuard – For all you shopaholics and spendthrifts out there, download this app onto your phone now! Available on Android and iOS, PocketGuard is your ultimate budget management and bank account tracking app that helps you keep track of your expenditure and income, credit card usage, and all other expenses. It allows you to track your bank account transactions securely, make payments securely online and warns you when you’re overstepping your monthly spending limit.

Feedly – For those of you who are addicted to the news, app developers have come up with the Feedly app. Feedly brings together and integrates all your favorite newspapers and news magazines to allow you to read multiple stories and articles from different sources at once and browse through them quickly. It automatically saves and downloads articles that it thinks might interest you and regularly provides updates from your favorite blogs and websites.

Quip – This is similar to Microsoft office but incorporates editing and messaging into the app to enhance using office documents on your mobile phone. Using this app, you can create, share and import documents easily as well as edit many documents opened at once. There is a sidebar that allows you to speak to friends or business colleagues at the same time while you’re busy editing an important document so that the changes can be made simultaneously thereby avoiding double work. Exporting documents options are also available and you can use multiple cloud services to import documents.

Spendbook – This is another nifty and easy to use expenses tracking as well as budgeting app that app developers have come up with. Using swipe features you can add or delete new expense and income transactions. This app also shows you where you tend to spend more money whether it’s on transport, shopping or eating out so that you can decide which of the expenses to reduce. You can categorize and further sub-categorize your daily income and expenditure heads. This app also gives you helpful infographics, pie charts, and graphs.

Dropbox – This is definitely the most popular cloud storage service in use today and is the perfect solution for sharing files of very large sizes. You can basically store your files in the clouds and access them from anywhere, anytime. You can upload and download files of any size and sync them with as many devices for sharing and collaborative working.

Download these apps onto your smartphone today and start making your life less complicated and more productive.

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