Best Air Coolers Under 15K

Summer is around the corner and of course, you need to stay prepared to dodge the heat this summer by making sure that you are ready to beat the heat with your brand new air cooler. What a better way to get cool air without spending loads of money? Air Cooler Price in India usually starts at a nominal price of Rs 5,000 which can go up to Rs 30,000 or more. Below is a list of some of the best air coolers that are currently creating a buzz in the market.

Symphony Touch 35 Air Cooler

The product comes with a tank capacity of 35 liters with a 14 x 14 cooling capacity. This Air Cooler Price in India is set at Rs. 8,700. The devices can manage air throw till 25 feet. Some of the features of this product include humidity control, tank alarm, sleep mode, natural mode, voice assistance, cool flow and removable cooling pads. It constitutes of dust filter, bacterial filter, allergy filter, UVC, smell filter, wash filter and germicidal. The product comes with a warranty of 1 year and is known for its durability. It can work smoothly on a power of 185 watts.

Symphony Hicool i 31 Liter

This Air Cooler Price in India is priced at just Rs 9,300. The product is a mixture of compact efficiency in a stylish box. It promises to cool a 200 square feet of room space with ease, which makes it a perfect choice for living rooms and master bedrooms. It has a water tank capacity of 31 liters which can throw air within 37 feet. It consists of dust and mosquito filters. Some of the features that the air cooler include are sleep mode, humidity control, empty tank alarm, remote dock, system restore function, auto swing, Dura pump technology and auto swing. The product comes with a 1 year warranty and works smoothly with 185 watts of power, which ensure to keep your electricity bill as minimal as possible.

Symphony Diet i (22 liters, 50 liters)

 The Air Cooler Price in India for this product is set at Rs. 8,950 – 14,530. The product is available in three ranges 12 liters, 22 liters, 50 liters of water tank capacity, to let its users choose according to their requirements. However we would recommend you to go for 22 liters or 50 liters coolers. All these come with features like mosquito net and dust filter with remote control. It also comes with ice chamber which contributes to maximum cooling.

Bajaj Icon DC2015 43 Liters

 The product Air Cooler Price in India is set at Rs. 9,600 with a water tank capacity of 43 liters. It is appropriate to cool a space of 500 square feet and can throw air at 50 feet. However the product doesn’t come with any sort of dust or purification filters, which can be considered as a drawback for the device, as most of air coolers in the market currently offer such features. This product comes with a 1 year warranty and works on a power supply of 200 watts. Some of its features include water level indicator, humidifier, overflow alarm and ice chamber.

Cello Marvel 60 Liters

 This Air Cooler Price in India is set at Rs 9,800. The product comes with a 60 liter water tank capacity with a cooling capacity of 500 plus square feet. It has an air throw capacity of 35 feet which also contributes to its dust filter. Some of the features provided in the product include empty tank alarm, water level indicator, turbo cooling, honeycomb and cooling pads. It requires a power capacity of 185 watts to work on and is an inverter friendly product. The product comes with a warranty period of 1 year.

Final Words: All the air coolers mentioned above serve to fulfill the basic requirement of cooling. One of the major factors that can be considered while purchasing is Air Cooler Price in India. However this can vary according to the preference and requirement of the customer. Symphony Touch 35 Air Cooler can be considered as the best option in the above list, as it provides you with features like air purification and anti bacterial filters, with cool air at just Rs 8,700.