Boulia: What To See and Do

Get behind the wheel of your campervan hire and head to Boulia, located in the Australian Outback. This rural town sits along the Burke River, and its rural location results in plenty of land to explore without a sizable population to get in your way. Boulia is best known for the Min Min Lights, shimmering lights in the night sky created by an atmospheric phenomenon. When you aren’t searching the sky for the Min Min Lights, you’ll have plenty of outdoor adventures to enjoy during your stay. In addition to local attractions and historical sites, Boulia is located at the gateway to the Diamantina National Park, which offers plenty of outdoor adventures. Check out these must-see spots in Boulia before you hit the open road and head into the Australian Outback.

Stonehouse Museum

Visit a historical house when you take a road trip to Boulia. Built in the 1880s, the Stonehouse Museum was one of the first houses built in Boulia. Located conveniently a block away from Boulia’s main street, Herbert Street, the Stonehouse Museum is listed on the Queensland Heritage Register as one of Australia’s historic sites. Today, the Stonehouse Museum showcases artifacts that highlight the history of the Jones family, who once called this site home. Housed within its walls are a variety of unique artifacts that pay tribute to Queensland’s heritage. When you’re in Boulia, check out the Stonehouse Museum to brush up on local culture and history.

Min Min Encounter

Another way to soak up local history in Boulia is by visiting the Min Min Encounter. This live-action experience allows you to interact with several authentic Australian characters, including Bluey and Mrs. McGreedy. During the experience, these characters will tell you the story of the Min Min Lights, which are unexplained balls of glowing light that mark the night sky in Boulia. This theatrical production will deliver the story of the Min Min Lights as told through different characters. The stage show features animatronics and fibre optics that keeps the audience engaged. This 45-minute show is family friendly and features a cafe where you can pick up a snack or drink before or after the show.

Natural Attractions

Dedicate a day of your visit to Boulia exploring the natural attractions around town. Check out the Corroboree Tree, located behind Boulia State School. This tree is the last remaining tree of the Pitta Pitta tribe. This Waddi tree is native to this region, and its bark is tough enough to mark glass.

Boulia also is the gateway to the Diamantina National Park, which offers opportunities for hiking, boating, camping, and much more. Established as an Australian national park in 1992, this park is home to two important wetlands: Lake Constance and Hunters Gorge. Two camping areas, Hunters Gorge and Gum Hole, give you an opportunity to set up camp in the national park with your campervan hire. Explore the Warracoota Ruins on foot, or check out Janets Leap Lookout, which offers a clear view of the Diamantina Gates, where the Diamantina River and its channels merge. No matter what part of the national park you choose to explore, you’re sure to encounter some wildlife during your visit. Rare and even endangered species call this national park home. You just might spot bilbies, kowaris, and peregrine falcons, among many other species.

Police Barracks

Don’t be fooled by the name. Boulia’s Police Barracks is an outback water hole perfect for a day spent in the sun. Throw a line in and go fishing at the Police Barracks. Or, pack a picnic lunch, spread out a blanket, and enjoy an al fresco lunch with your travel mates. If you’re looking for a relaxing afternoon during your road trip, look no further than the Police Barracks.

Marine Reptile Fossil Display

Located on Pituri Street, the Marine Reptile Fossil Display is part of the larger Heritage Complex, which showcases Boulia’s history. The Marine Reptile Fossil Display boasts an impressive collection of vertebrate and invertebrate fossils from species native to the region. The collection includes large fossil marine animals, sharks, and fish.

Boulia Camel Races

If you happen to be visiting Boulia in July, you’re in for a treat. Every year, the Boulia Camel Races, dubbed the “The Melbourne Cup of Camel Races,” take place. This annual event features the longest camel race in the world. The camels compete in 400-metre heats, and the top finishers move on to the 100-metre races. The fun doesn’t stop with camel races, however. During this weekend-long event, plenty of other attractions will keep you entertained. Live music, camel tagging, yabby races and duck races, and fireworks make the weekend fun for the whole family.

If you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-path spot to visit during your campervan excursion of Australia, add Boulia to your itinerary. Despite its rural location and small population, the area has plenty to offer visitors. Enjoy cultural exploration and outdoor adventure when you take your campervan hire to Boulia.

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