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Can you fix Your Plumbing Issues by Yourself? Here’s How to Do It

Have you ever thought of fixing plumbing issues all by your own? You may not become an expert in plumbing but you can still save money by taking care of overflowing toilets all by yourself. Still, if you face any major problem you should always keep a professional like Plumbers Golden CO services in your contact. But, do you know how to do your plumbing work alone?

In this article, you will get to know some tips and tricks to solve your minor plumbing issues.

  1. Replace your toilet parts

You can replace your toilet papers on your own. Don’t be fearful if you are doing it for the first time. No serious damage can be caused while replacing the cartridge of faucets. Worn flappers can cause leaks between the bowl and toilet tank.

  1. Remove Clogs

You don’t need any expensive chemicals to clean your drain. Simply with a drain snake you can unclog the drain. If you hesitate to the do the work then don’t worry there are professional plumbing services like Plumber in Broomfield CO that can help you with their services.

  1. Be careful while flushing

Many of us flush all the things that should not be flushed in the toilet. Apart from your bodily waste and toilet paper, you should not flush anything else. Otherwise, it may cause serious clogs. If you notice frequent clogs in your toilet, then you must be careful with the things you are flushing.

  1. Use heat

Sometimes the pipes may get too tight to loosen up. You can apply heat on these pipes to loosen up the solidified and old pipe. Apply heat for a couple of minutes to finally loosen up the pipe. If you want to protect your wall then you can use heat-resistant material on it.

  1. Have an efficient water heater

Don’t set the thermostat of your water heater too high. Keeping it at optimum state ensure its longevity. You can even use insulating blankets that are inexpensive and simple to install.

  1. Use thread tape to solve showerhead issues

You can use thread tap to fix your shower head issues. If you are experiencing any leaks it means your threads are not working. So, unscrew it first and then apply another thread tape. In case of clogging issue, you can soak the showerhead in warm water for an hour. Then clear the clogs with a small brush.

  1. Don’t let your Plumbing Freeze

Well, in the summertime it might not be the issue. But, freezing can be a serious issue in winter. You should always have air circulation in your home and maintain the temperature to avoid the risk of freezing.


If you want to fix the plumbing issues by your own you can surely give it a try. But, in case of any major defect, you should immediately contact professional services like Plumber in Broomfield CO in order to avoid any major damage.

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