There are many marble block importers as well as there are more number of marble block options available to you such as free samples. Asia is the biggest marble block supplier. It consists of nearly 1,010 marble rough blocks.  China (Mainland), Turkey, and Pakistan, which supply 47%, 22%, and 8% of marble rough block respectively are some of the top supplying countries of marble rough block.

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Large quantities of marble IS imported from china ,while the export volume is relatively small,therefore the chinese marble importers are very popular for their marble.From 2007 to 2011 the total marble imports increased .But in the year 2010chinese marble importers    experienced a dramatic increase of 66%. Turkey, Egypt, Spain, and Iran are the major chinese marble  importers with 70% marble import.The chinese marble imports vary from country to country.For example every year, nearly 40% of the import volume is from Turkey, and more than 20% is from Egypt.

China’s export volume is less as compared to the import volume and it is nearly one tenth as compared to the total  volume.Compared to the total volume of import, China’s marble export volume is fairly small, only one tenth of the import volume.Taiwan is the china’s major marble export destnation. Around 60% of China’s marble exportation is to Taiwan. Hongkong takes about 10% of the share. Most of the China’s marble importers are in Asia.Chinese marble importers are famous all over the world.China imports large quantities of marble while the export volume is relatively small.The marble of china is mainly made up of four parts based on its application.  Construction and decoration industry has the largest marble consumption and it occupies 50% of the share. Around 30% of the marble in China is used as a material in statuary and monuments, mostly for stone inscription and gravestones.