Complete guide on VLSI Physical Design Engineer

Have you been wondering lately what a physical design engineer is? Are you surfing through different pages on internet to look for the same? Well, if this case, you have finally landed on absolutely right page. VLSI physical designing is a process where the specifications of an electronic circuit are converted into a layout which is known as physical design. Because the fabrication (manufacturing process) requires a large number of components and fine details, it is ideally not possible to avoid the use of computers.

A physical design engineer is expected to do power planning, placements, clock tree synthesis, routing and extraction or it can be said he does the layout assembling and connectivity of logic gates as per the design input file of an integrated circuit by meeting the design specifications like frequency, area and power. Below listed are the details of the roles a Physical Design Engineer has to play:

Roles and Responsibilities of Physical Design Engineer:

  • Interaction is required in order to solve problems of the design team and put forward physical design engineering ideas.
  • Finding a balance between timing and budget for designing related task
  • Designing the elements and components which are not restricted to FET
  • Prepare FUB level full chip floor plans and stimulate schematic-to-layout verification including debugging
  • On basis of understanding of advanced CMOS process technology and circuit requirements, preparing the physical design procedures.
  • Analysing and planning complex layout jobs, project milestone requirements and deliver on time
  • RTL-to -Layout creation, placements and route flows are needed to be enforced
  • To perform all tasks related to clean ups
  • To conduct problem exploration, collaborating with design engineers and design automation teams
  • Physical design procedures should be optimised ones
  • Much need of streamlining the work so that high productivity and better efficiency can be ensured for company.
  • Developing code and maintaining physical design layout automation features including macros to increase productivity of layout

In case, if you are still wondering if this is the career option which you have been waiting for or not, then you probably should have a glance at the salary perspective of this profile. Yes, the fact is true that a qualified and properly trained physical design engineer is actually capable of earning more than a descent amount of salary.

These days, there are many people who want to pursue career in this field after entering in their middle age but cannot do so because of their career and financial responsibilities. Therefore, today with lot of advancements, there are many institutes in different parts of the world which can offer you offline (traditional training method) and online training method as well. If you are a person living in Bangalore, then you are surely to come across many different and reputed institutes for VLSI physical design engineer in Bangalore. There are many such deemed institutes in the city which offer perfect infrastructure, latest learning methods and excellent technologies in the same field.