Different Between Traditional Pilates And STOTT Pilates

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STOTT – A Name that Most Health & Fitness Love

STOTT Pilates, one of the Pilates versions, is a method of performing physical exercise. STOTT Pilates was developed by Moira Merrithew and Lindsay, and the collaboration of fitness & sports medicine professionals and physiotherapists. The biggest different between the original Pilates and STOTT Pilates is that the former makes use of straight spine exercise, while the latter focuses on the spine’s natural curvature maintenance.

There are several exercise things that people need to keep in their mind with Pilates. When people know how to perform exercise activities, they make sure that things are properly taken care in terms of getting the desired muscles and burning the undesirable fat. People have to find the right moves as well as body positions for using before they start the below STOTT Pilates workout activities.

Different Types of Exercise Included in STOTT Pilates

This Pilates method of exercises is designed for restoring the spine’s natural curves; while it rebalances muscles that surround the joints. This method also places a greater level of emphasis on shoulder blade stabilization than several other methods of exercises. The STOTT Pilates exercise focuses on the following basic principles such as

  • Breathing techniques

  • Rib cage placement

  • Pelvic placement

  • Scapular stabilization

  • Neck & Head placement

People can do these exercises on the floor on special equipment or a mat. The developers of STOTT Pilates manufacture equipment for performing these exercises. The Reformer is the most important piece when it comes to the equipment for doing STOTT Pilates exercises. It was designed by the developer of the STOTT Pilates method, Lindsay. It is a carriage meant for various positions and exercises glides forward as well as backward with the help of rollers with a few other attachments. To get more information about the STOTT method, you may surf the internet.

Sara Baker is an Orthopedic Certified Specialist by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties, and STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor. She is President and Founder of Inspire Health with two locations in Atlanta and Marietta, GA.

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