Essential Tips to Deal With Unruly Neighbours

Moving into your dream home in a quiet and peaceful town sounds like perfection. But what if you discover that you have noisy neighbours next door? Dealing with boisterous neighbours can be quite nerve-racking and sometimes, drive even the most peaceable person to distraction. But what’s the way out? After all, you have paid a good sum for living here which now seems arduous. Picking a fight is not a solution as you all are going to live under the same roof for long.

Here are some useful tips that should help you on dealing with unruly neighbours:

  1. Make nice

Try to make a healthy and open conversation with the neighbour in question. You may choose to call ahead and pick a time to talk or just meet at the common space in the development. Let them know how the problem bothers you without sounding accusatory and suggest ways to solve it together. If the offender is non-aggressive and understanding, then you don’t have to worry at all. Perhaps they hadn’t realised the inconvenience caused by their action and will most likely stop it sooner than later.

  1. Be open to suggestions for improvements

If, however, the conversation with the offending neighbour doesn’t go as smooth as you’d expected, don’t fret. Give an unbiased hearing to what they have to say and maybe, you’ll get a peek into their side of the story. If your neighbour counters you by mentioning a bad habit of yours, don’t argue. You could, after all, have habits that annoy the neighbours. Have a reasoned approach and make a sincere effort to figure out a compromise or change the situation. Who knows, your neighbour might get inspired to return the favour.

You may also talk to the non-offending neighbours and see whether they share your concerns or not. If they do, you will get more validation and support for your issues. It will help you in dealing with the neighbour if they continue to be uncooperative and difficult. Your neighbours might also give useful suggestions for sorting the problem.

  1. Talk to the landlord and/or apartment association

If these efforts fail, then you might consider calling the landlord or management company. The landlord may seem unwilling to take any action, but if your lease agreement says that there is a stipulation on loud noises during certain times of the day, then the landlord is bound to step in. Also don’t hesitate to consult your block association and ask them to send out a standard letter citing the ordinance or by-law. There are a number of ready flats in Mumbai which have an official residential association that address the issues concerning residents.

  1. Take notes

If your neighbour has a habitual tendency to violate the lease, causes nuisance and raise hell, then you’re advised to keep a record of the same. Have a copy made of all the foregoing correspondences, requests, emails and all other relevant records to prove that you have made an honest and sincere attempt to resolve the issue at your level. This will help your cause with the landlord or with the police, if it comes to it. Moreover, it will also let your difficult neighbour know that their behaviour is being officially tracked and recorded which may serve as a deterrent.

  1. Call the cops

Sometimes loud parties go on till late into the night without considering that the neighbours next door need a good sleep before getting up early the next day. In that situation, you can seek the help of police right away. Some metros in India have noise ordinances tied to decibel levels. So check out the local rules and regulations and let them know if they’re breaking any.

If you hear the sound of violent fights, screams or you feel threatened in any way, you shouldn’t hesitate to call the police at all. In fact, it might actually help or save someone. If you want, the police can keep your identity secret.

Following these tips can go a long way in letting you enjoy a wholesome experience of living in your dream home. And what better way to cherish this experience than owning one of the premium 5 BHK apartments in Malad.

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