Finding Out The Dissimilarity Between Art Gallery and Museum

If you’re among those who often make mistake considering the art museum and art gallery are identical, should note that they are intended for different purposes. In brief, art gallery means porches, corridor or balcony that displays as well as sells varieties of artworks created by famous or promising artists.

Conversely, museum is a place that houses assortment of legendary artifact, antique art objects and works of art. Artistic creations include oil canvas, paintings, watercolors, sketch drawing, sculpture, stone wooden and metal carvings and more. Galleries may be public property or owned by solo individual or a private group. Apart from showing art works of different artists from the old age to new age, art galleries are open to sell them in different prices depending on their rareness and demand. Nevertheless, one cannot buy or collect art objects from a museum that basically stores them for public show.   

Mark Borghi is a New York based owner and inceptor of Mark Borghi Fine Art that specializes in Post-War American Art, Contemporary art, Popular or Pop art and on Abstract subjects. Undeniably, all three well organized art galleries of Mr. Borghi are extremely popular to American art lovers and foreigners in NY City. The locations of these art galleries are New York, Bridgehampton in NY, and Palm Beach in Florida.

The world distinguished art galleries owed by Mr. Borghi have been outfitted with enormous art inventories bought and collected from New York School and other places. Throughout the year, all the galleries remain swarmed with art lovers as well as common people to view the famous creative arts of Hans Hoffman, Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, Yves Klein, Roy Lichtenstein, Christopher Wool or Richard Prince and others.

Mostly, museums are governmental properties and operate as no profit making organization. Other than antique paintings, zoological and geological art objects, historical coins and old age art objects are also stored in these famous museums. In order to go through the history of a country, nation or its evolving civilization, museum is the right place that displays art works made in different phase from prehistoric to modern age. The legendary portrait of Mona Lisa has been stored in one of the world’s largest museums the Louvre Museum, France.

Those who are aware of this difference also visit gallery and museums with different objective. An individual visits an art or general museum with a view to know the background, history, and heritage as well community life of a country; however, art enthusiasts visit different art galleries to observe, buy and accumulate work of arts of prominent figures or new artists. Another important difference is that while art galleries carry on changing display of art objects and also organizes special shows or retrospectives of the creative arts of famous artists; this kind of frequent change is typically not found in museums.  

The foremost unit of Mark Borghi Fine Art gallery was founded in 1998 in New York. Subsequently, Bridgehampton NY gallery was presented for art lovers in 2004. In recent times it has arranged retrospective of Larry Poons Recent Art works in Palm Beach gallery in 2011 on the day of its inauguration.

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