Get It Right: 5 Lighting Mistakes You Should Avoid On Your Next Home Improvement

Get It Right: 5 Lighting Mistakes You Should Avoid On Your Next Home Improvement

Light always plays a significant role in your home’s interior and exterior design. Not only does it create a safe and comfortable setting, but it also enhances the aesthetic appeal and provides mood and ambiance to every part of your home. As such, light is the main component that makes a room both functional and stylish.

However, not all people are meticulous to the quality of lighting in their homes. One good example is the scattered placement of light fixtures that only waste electricity bill and eradicates the overall elegance of a home design.

These ineffective specifications are the result of homeowners being unsure of the right lighting solutions and what type of light that best complements to a particular living space. Hence, it is important that we put much thought about lighting when planning a home makeover.

For you to avoid common home lighting mistakes, take time to read this article.

Wrong Choice of Size and Style of Lighting Fixtures

This common mistake is sure to break the entire design of a particular living space.

For instance, hanging a tiny pendant lamp over a large table, or installing a grand chandelier in the middle of a modestly sized dining room. A small light will scarcely illuminate the table while a big chandelier will just eat up a considerable chunk of space in a small dining room. You need to keep in mind that knowing the right proportions is the key for a home lighting to be successful.

Another mistake is the wrong choice of lighting. Large rooms that do not take in an ample amount of natural light needs a sufficient light for longer periods. So, selecting a lighting solution that will bring the desired lighting level while being energy-efficient is important.

Also, installing a good mix of lighting fixtures in a room is an ideal way to create different moods. So, consider adding lamps, wall sconces, or downlights as well as ceiling fixtures to divide areas of the room for various uses.  

Forgetting Task Lights in the Kitchen

There are various ways to light a kitchen counter. One of them is to use LED task lights under the upper cabinets. LED task lights will distribute a sufficient amount of light when you are chopping veggies and preparing a dish.

But if your kitchen design doesn’t include upper cabinets over kitchen task areas, you can mount wall lights or recessed lighting fixtures. There are modern and high-quality wall lights for your kitchen area that you can buy online  in sites like LampTwist.

Incorrect Use of Recessed Lighting

It is undeniable that recessed lights are attractive as a light option. But most homeowners still make the mistake of installing them inappropriately.

For instance, placing recessed downlights in a high ceiling as ambient light. This placement is a blatant mistake as it not only results in a wasted light, but it also makes a space dark. The light source from high ceilings needs to have a fixed, tight beam similar to a high wattage halogen or metal halide.

Also, a wall mounted or reflective pendant lighting fixtures that light of a light ceiling surface will provide a much better illumination than recessed lights.

Not Using Dimmers

Another mistake is not controlling different lights separately. For maximum flexibility and efficiency, it is important that each type of light has dimmers and separate switches.

You can choose from a wide range of dimmers such as a programmable wall box system to wireless controls. In this way, you will not only have the right amount of light for a desired mood and ambiance, but you will also use light efficiently for different times and purposes.

Not Using Energy-Efficient Bulbs

For an energy-efficient lighting, it is a  high time that you use LED lights. Not only that LEDs will provide a room a full range of temperature scale of light from warm to cool colors, but it will also help you save money on your monthly electricity bill.


An excellent choice for lighting will not only provide the necessary light to each part of your home, but it will also give ambiance and elegance to it. Thus, it is important that you know of the various home lighting mistakes for you to make your home a well-lit environment.