Great Tips For Small Bathroom Organization

Great Tips For Small Bathroom Organization

Bathrooms are often the smallest and the busiest rooms in any home. Your bathroom doesn’t have to be large and luxurious for it to become a place for relaxation. There are so many neatly ways to organize the tight corners and narrow spaces in your bathroom. There are even more ways to add extra storage and make it look organized and modern. You just need to design it well that it doesn’t seem cramped.

Here are some tips to organize your tiny space without sacrificing in style:


If you have one cabinet, you can double up storage inside it using storage caddies or a rack. This way you can organize plenty of items well. If you are planning to buy a new cabinet, look for a spot where you can make the most of the vertical height. Decorative items, sponges and towels can be neatly displayed in wooden crates stacked on the wall. You can install a large mirrored cabinets just above the basin and have the medicines and other important items at hand always. The mirror will open up the space and make it look larger.


If you have a pedestal sink, then why not to use the space below for storing things. Think about installing drawers that roll out completely to give you access to the deeper end. Put the smaller items in storage cups so they don’t roll inside. Wicker baskets and multi-tiered shower caddies are great storage options to place under the basin.


Wall-mounted fittings make the room easy for cleaning, and give it open and airy look. You can opt for metal file boxes, as they are excellent option for heated appliances (curlers, straighteners and other grooming tools). Floating shelves can be positioned anywhere in the bathroom. They can instantly enhance its look and keep your beauty products, towels and other items on hand always.

Behind and above the door, and above the toilet are spots that are often unused, so why not to install racks or shelves there? Narrow niches and corner spaces are ideal for installing shelves. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on shelves, you can repurpose an old ladder, suitcases, or crates. Paint them in some interesting colors to give them new, fresh look and use them to store towels, toilet paper and everything else. Magnetic bars are ideal for storing makeup tools made of metal too.


The gorgeous set is only cluttering the countertop. So, to make your small bathroom look clean and organized replace that set with a toothbrush holder to the wall. If you don’t have much space, you can leave the things on the countertop, but use a tray to keep everything in one place.