Grey Kitchen Worktops: Silestone vs Granite

The new famous kitchen compound Silestone has got a lot of appreciation from the one’s who lead the kitchen at home. But is Silestone quartz worktops? To answer this, here is what you need to know: It is a compound made up of 94% natural quartz. This makes it extraordinarily hard and resilient. Out of the various worktop materials that you might have heard of, this is the only one made up of quartz. It comes with anti bacterial protection, which makes it more hygienic for a place like your kitchen.

You need to know everything about the worktop to be used for slicing, peeling and shredding over the years to come.

Grey Kitchen Worktops: Silestone vs Granite

These are maintenance free

The one who takes care of the kitchen is much concerned about the hygiene and the amount of maintenance which is needed in order to keep the countertop looking as good as the day it first arrived at your door. Silestone is the material that you are looking for in this case. Being non-porous, it can resist spills and hard stains are easy to wash.

Unlike other porous stones which need to be sealed at least once a year, Silestone does not require that to keep it protected. This bacteria resistant material avoids all hazards that might be caused due to bacteria growing in the small crevices.

Granite is not as strong as quartz

Silestone is a strong material and its strength is more when compared to its counterparts. Granite is weaker than quartz. Like Silestone is made of quartz, Granite contains crystalline material. The presence of crystalline allows for fissures and small spaces. This is a material that is extremely resilient to cracking and chipping, but not as strong as quartz in this regard.

This small difference is not the major deciding factor when choosing one over the other, as it would anyway take an excessive amount of force to crack the countertop in any way. These two counters have many advantages when thought of as a kitchen countertop.


When talking about the aesthetic value, both these countertop choices look amazing in all types of kitchens. You might have a traditional kitchen, a contemporary kitchen or a kitchen with transitional décor. You would love to set up your meals and prepare food on granite or Silestone. They both have been great players in regards to their looks.

So are you trying to make a choice?

When it’s about choosing a worktop for your kitchen, everyone has various factors to look at. Depending on the kitchen décor, one might want to go for the aesthetics of the stone, while other might personally be inclined towards those grey kitchen worktops.

Remember that Silestone has actually been processed and thereby does not offer the same type of natural look that you’ll get from a stone slab that is carved from the earth and polished until it shines. What matters here is what YOU want to look at when you are working in your kitchen.