Hard Enamel Pins or Soft Enamel Pins Which One to Choose?

Lapel pin has gained more popularity all over the world because of its design and fashionable work. It is not only great for promotion but also famous for giving recognition to people.

The simple but effective pink ribbon campaign sold lapel pins with all the researches. Before ordering your custom lapel pins, decide for which purpose it is needed.

Lapel pins can be created with your organization’s safety slogan or record. Many pin manufacturers company specialize in eye-catching safety pins with bright colors.

A custom pin will make your company recognized, particularly if you attend conferences and events regularly.

Make sure your employees wear lapel pins during such prestigious events as they will make your presence more distinct. Also, you will attract individuals to check out your company.

There are various kinds of lapel pins like soft enamel pins, hard enamel pins, 3d mold pins, offset epoxy pins, printed pins, die struck, etc.

When you are searching for a lapel pin, you have to be very clear about choices that which type you really want and more importantly which type of pins can serve your purpose.

So you will have to choose between soft enamel pins and hard enamel pins. Let’s know the difference between these two pins so that you can have a clear choice.

What is the difference?

The most common type of pin is soft enamel pins. It uses paint kept within the lines of the imprinted metal. The paint colors can not mix up with each other because of its metal mold.

When the hard enamel pins which are also known as cloisonne pins. These pins are not painted into the metal mold. They are painted to the same level as the metal mold. These are polished in much smother way n thus making it look much finished and glossy.

Each type of pins has its benefits. You can not choose one over another. It is just the requirement on the basis of which you should choose which one to take.

Soft pins are versatile. As they are easy to make so you can use any design and it gives you a lot of customization options. When the hard enamel pins give you glossy look the soft ones give you a textured look.

Whereas Hard pins can give you durability. It lasts for several years without losing its shine and colors. It has extremely high quality and made with proper care. If you choose the hard enamel pins you probably choosing the one which lasts forever.

Bottom line,

There are companies that offer customized work on soft enamel pins as well as hard enamel pins. The manufacturing companies have all the information available on their websites regarding pricing and all.

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