Heart Stopping Australian Adventures

If you are on the hunt for the types of activities that will give you a major adrenaline kick, then you truly can’t go wrong in Australia. Whether you’re an Australian resident or visiting from abroad, Australia offers a plethora of amazing opportunities for adventure. From skiing to hiking to surfing, this country truly has it all and has long been known as a hotspot for adventurers from across the world. Keep this in mind the next time you visit your campervan hire location with the aim of setting out on the adventure of a lifetime.

If you are travelling across Australia looking for heart stopping adventure, make sure to keep the below in mind.

Surf the Gold Coast

There is a reason that surfers from around the world dream of visiting the Gold Coast each year. This stretch of coast offers some of the best waves in the world and hosts many regional and international competitions. To surf the Gold Coast is truly a dream for many surfers, so if surfing is your thing then you won’t want to leave this one off your list.

Ride The Rapids

The Franklin River offers some of the wildest, most scenic stretches of white water rapids anywhere in the world, and you will have the opportunity to meet them head on if you hit up this location. Of course there are tours offered, and experienced paddlers can take the rapids solo. Chances are you’ve never experienced anything like the Franklin, so pack the necessary gear so you can see for yourself.

Get Up Close And Personal With Great Whites

If you’re looking to confront one of mankind’s worst fears head on, then you will want to hit up Neptune Island off the coast. The waters surrounding Neptune are absolutely teaming with great whites due to the massive seal population in the area. You will have the opportunity to be lowered down into a cage so that you can look the sharks straight in the eyes. When it comes to adrenaline rushes, it truly doesn’t get any more thrilling than this.

Make Friends With A Crocodile

If you should find yourself in Darwin, take a look past all the sand and surf and good food to experience a prehistoric predator lurking in the surrounding swamps. That’s right, in Darwin you can enter a protective pod that will put you within mere feet of a massive killer crocodile. Often times the crocodile may get curious and try to take a bite out of the pod. Your heart will not slow down for hours after this experience.

Scuba Dive The Labyrinth

Located in Southern Australia along the limestone coast, there is an underwater subterranean labyrinth that stretches for many miles. Exploring this underwater cave is like entering a different world, with dozens of rare species of colorful fish and incredible underwater rock and coral formations. Unless you are an experienced diver, it is suggested that you take a guided tour since the labyrinth is quite dangerous and has claimed several lives over the years.

Australia truly is a land of adventure, so if thrills are what you seek then make sure to hit up these hotspots on your journey.

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