Holiday Sweets: What are the Risks Associated with Your Health?

The holiday season is less than a month away and with each passing day, our cravings are increasing. From cookies to muffins and candies to cakes, everything is in abundance.

However, these treats can cause serious long-term risks. Here are some of the ways in which sweet treats can affect your health.


Type 2 Diabetes takes place when body resists insulin intake or pancreas stop producing enough. It surges up the glucose level to rise and build up in your bloodstream. Causes of type 2 diabetes include poor diet, obesity and lack of exercise. If you take too many sweets, it can lead to obesity which may result in diabetes. If you are already a patient of diabetes, eating a lot of sweets will increase your glucose level, causing diabetes to become dangerous and unregulated.


Holiday treats and sweets contain a lot of calories, sugar and fat, which can lead to obesity. During the holiday season, people tend to eat more sweets without caring about the side effects. However, if you are prone to obesity you may welcome heart disease and diabetes in the future. Keep an eye on how much sweet you are consuming during the holidays and how to eradicate them. Make sure to eat healthy snacks and other natural food to stay away from sweets.

High Cholesterol

Holiday treats contain ingredients that are high in cholesterol. High level of cholesterol in the body can result in high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes. Some of the other factors for high cholesterol are heart disease, diabetes, smoking, and high blood pressure. If you include high cholesterol to your holiday diet, you are at a greater risk of stroke or heart attack.

Tooth Decay

Consuming too many treats and sweets mean consuming lots of sugar. It can lead to cavities and tooth decay. Even if you take a simple piece of candy, can of soda or cooking, it can build up sugar deposits on your teeth. It may lead to long-term dental issues. For oral health, avoid taking sweets this holiday season, brush your teeth regularly and floss them.


It might surprise you a lot, consuming lots of sugar can lead to depression. Sugar is no doubt important for the body to give and boost energy. However, it is only a temporary boost. Eating too much sugar can release stress hormones, feeling you down and depressed.

Massive spikes in sugar levels can affect preexisting mood disorders, and increase the risk of relapse. If your body continuously releases serotonin, it may badly affect your mental health.

Yeast Infection

If you consume too much sugar, it would lead to overproduction of yeast as well. The accumulation of yeast can lead to infection. Women are not only the ones at risk, but they can also develop men as well. In order to avoid the risk, make sure to consume sweets in moderate amount during the holidays. If you do experience symptoms of yeast infection, take a trip to your local urgent care center to get back to feeling your best.

Author Bio:

Dr. Faika Khan is a family medicine doctor and founder of UrgentWay in New York and is affiliated with NYU and Plainview Hospital. She received her medical degree from New York College of Osteopathic Medicine and has been in practice for over 10 years.