How Human Resources Manager are responsible for the Effect on Company Culture

Company culture is one of the determinants of failures or success of any organization. Also known as business culture company culture can be defined as a proper way to behave in an organization. And also includes both management and employees.

Their actions can have either positive or negative effects on the company culture as mentioned below.

Training and development:

HR can do a positive business culture by combining training programs. Training is often internal or external. HR managers the staff, the in house experts and also the external consultants who visit the organization for internal training.

External training can be in the form of sponsored workshops seminars or even approved self-development training such as part-time programs. These programs are common around the globe. Also the training in Saudi and many countries around the world. Whatever the training program is, it should be mandatory for the employee to think to behave and act in a way that is acceptable to the company rules, regulations and culture. It should be according to the policy of the company.

Pay and compensation:

A company’s pay structure is the basic thing of the company and is usually developed by the HR department. And this structure is one of the important aspect of the company culture. A poorly designed pay structure which does not call into any account, the skills and qualifications of workers will negatively affect the culture and it can affect the reputation also. This is especially true when the pay is lower than the average in the same business.

A well-designed and competitive compensation scheme which is employee-friendly is bound to attract highly qualified professionals who will be happier and more motivated and loyal to the business. This will have a positive impact on their interpersonal relationships.

Relationship between the employer-employee:

HR managers do job advertisements carry out interviews hire and determines the job description for the employees. As such the interaction between the employees and HR department has a very massive impact on the overall company culture from the very begin of their employment tenure.

Having in place effective conflicts resolution processes open lines of communications and clear chains of command are some of how the HR office can improve the relationship between the employee and employer and so the organizational culture.

Performance management:

There are currently lots of performance management tools that may be useful to HR in their search for great business culture. A proper performance management system will put importance on working smarter. It will also focus on equipping employees with the necessary technological tools to aid them in various roles.


The human resource department is one of the most important parts of any company. While handling the management of the employee affairs it’s a big impact on watching and injecting competency in the culture.

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