How Is Enterprise Video More Competent Than YouTube and Like Channels

YouTube is a trailblazer that set the digital globe on fire bringing the physical world together. It is the podium where the concept of viral videos was born, nurtured, and raised to age. Even though businesses for long have leveraged from this platform, it is no longer a very utile tool to the very specific needs of the corporations. The business purposes are now catered to and taken care of by enterprise video platforms. Most people, however, fail to decipher the real differences between the two and end up taking one for another. In fact, YouTube and similar other platforms stand tall as a desirable option for most start-up ventures because it is primarily free.

The Loopholes of Other Channels

Yes, YouTube is a product of Google and it has a massive base of loyalists who have been benefited from it, but it is not dedicated for corporates. There are certain things that you cannot avoid running into when using a free video channel to share your company’s information. First of all, you cannot share any internal information on YouTube with selective access. It is likely to be viewed by one and all, or none, and that might not be the purpose of the upload.

Secondly, you would not want to let your sensitive company information go viral on the Internet. Sharing something on YouTube and other such sites means you are speaking to the World audience, which is great, but only on occasions when you are trying to promote your business globally.

If not, YouTube is not the right platform for you. Companies who have tried harnessing the worldwide viewership of YouTube often complain about content quality, and most of all, competitive advertising. You have to be really the star in order to beat the competition and that takes ages. YouTube is no place for startups and small scale companies. Traffic cannibalization and lack of access are two other hurdles that block the way for the business users.

The All-Encompassing Reach of Enterprise Video

Comparatively, enterprise video platforms are more satisfying to business needs. They are cloud-based like other video channels, but with a difference. First of all, they present to you the wonderful power of analytics. Monitoring is the key to the success of all strategies. Upon uploading a video, if you can’t tell how much viewership it enjoyed, it’s only vain. Enterprise video platforms make sure that you have access to the little details that can help you decide what to change and what to avoid. You can monitor the viewer engagement of your videos from time to time to know if your video has cast the appeal it was designed for. You also get to control the streaming quality of your video. This is a way to guarantee that your video is seamlessly streamed when viewed through different internet speeds and performances. The journey of a visitor to a lead can even be viewed as a bigger picture through the data available for analysis.

If it’s a marketing video, you can broadcast them all over the world, even in places where YouTube is not in use. The enterprise video is enabled all around the planet and hence, uploading a video on it would be a global launch. Your video can be viewed from Japan as well as from Iceland and wherever, as long as the person who is accessing has the authorization. They can be labeled with subtitles for lingual differences. You can tag it with subtitles in as many languages as you have the script for and they will run accordingly in each region.

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