How To Choose The Right Hotel For Your Honeymoon In Sri Lanka

A honeymoon in Sri Lanka – can anybody ask for a better surprise? There is no place like Sri Lanka, as its beautiful valleys and rich cultural heritage will make any bride blush. You haven’t been to South of Asia, if you haven’t experienced Sri Lanka yet. The country has some of most diverse range of activities and natural features that you can witness. On one side there’s lush mountain ranges and on the other, there’s beautiful beaches.

Sri Lanka attracts visitors from around the world who want to party, chill and have a great time in the country. They pick the best hotels by visiting and receive all the information they need first-hand. There is no need to go through a broker or be shocked at the hotel quality. Everything’s smooth sailing for you and your loved one here.

honeymoon in sri lanka

Here’s how you can choose the right hotel for your honeymoon –

  1. Research:

You want to start off by researching all the areas that you want to travel to. It could be the beautiful beaches of Mount Lavinia, or the lush valleys in Bandarawela. You want to start off by highlighting certain areas of your trip and where exactly you want to travel. Right after the research phase you might want to rush into hotel bookings. However, it’s important to understand which area you want to be staying in.

Choosing the perfect area is a good way to get things started. If could be a guest house in Colombo or an accommodation in Bandarawela itself. Whatever the case may be, when looking at the best honeymoon hotels in Sri Lanka you need to start your journey with

  1. Selection & Options:  

There will be thousands of properties to choose from in Sri Lanka and selecting the best one requires time and patience. More than 900 bookings were made just last week, making Yoho Bed a great place to check out all the selections in Sri Lanka. You can start by clicking on the area of preference (in this case Bandarawela) and narrow down your choices to the top 15 properties in the area.

  1. Filtering, Prices & Timing:

When you’ve found the perfect match, you want to ensure that it’s within your budget, in a nice area, and has apt check-in and check-out timings. This is the best part about Yoho Bed, and you don’t need to worry about cancellation fees on most of the properties listed.

  1. Facilities & Policies:

Lastly, you want to take a look at what facilities are offered, and what avenues of exploration are available. E.g. in the beautiful Yoho Grand View in Ella, there’s free WiFi, free parking and in-house breakfast option available to all the guests for under $40 a night. From an accommodation and facilities point of view it’s one of the best honeymoon hotels in Sri Lanka.