How To Create A Stylish Dining Corner

A dining room is just the place where you eat, right? Wrong! It’s the place where you take your meals with your family, probably just once or twice a day. So, dressing the room with upscale décor elements will definitely transform your dining experience into quality family time!

Decorating just a corner in the dining room can be a space-efficient way to create an attention-grabbing dining nook for a family gathering or entertaining the guests. Check out these ideas:

Get personal.

Do you need to show decorating restraint if you don’t want to? No, you don’t! If you have a flamboyant taste that expresses itself with vibrant colors, clashing prints, inspiring artwork, and eye-catching lighting fixtures, bring it inside your home to show your adventurous personality.

Embracing patterns, colors, and lively décor in a dining area will impart a bold, modern aesthetic in that place. Remember to make it functional too with various types of seating arrangements.

Bring the aesthetics of sculptural items.

If you want to keep the décor of the dining nook to the minimal level but still looking to make a statement, choose a sculptural item. Whether it’s furniture or a décor piece, it will lift up the ambiance and aesthetic of the room.

You can go for a wooden table made of the cross-section of a large tree. Wood will bring warmth and organic beauty to your small dining corner. Use cork flooring mimicking the color of the table to drag that warm tone into the flooring too!

Give the place a character with wainscoting.

Wainscoting wall paneling was once used for protecting the walls and making stone buildings more comfortable by insulating a room from the cold stones. However, it is mostly used for decorative purposes in modern homes.

Give your small, cozy dining corner a character with classic wainscoting decorations. It will not only uplift the face of the place but also protect the surfaces with style.

Use multifunctional furniture for small space.

Be strategic while choosing the furnishings and decorations when space is at a premium. If you are living a tiny house and don’t have a separate place for a dining room, use the lounge area for dual purposes – taking your meals and spending family time. You can bring a table with an adjustable base so that you can use it both as a coffee and dining table. Add a cushy banquette, and the place will be perfect for both spending a football night with your friends and grabbing a bite with your partner.

Make it a cozy, breezy spot.

If the local café culture is what you draw your inspiration from, nothing could be better than a cute dining area that exudes a warm, welcoming vibe. A seating bench, a couple of chairs, a small coffee table, three or four colorful pillows, and a few shaded pendant on a crisp, white backdrop will lighten the mood.

A banquette-style arrangement would be the best choice because it somehow makes people feel more sociable and cozier. If the dining area doubles as a leading to the outdoors, the natural views will be a great drawing card.

Bring the restaurant style at home.

It works if you have a big family or have the habit of throwing dinner parties often. It also works as a nice gathering spot in an otherwise open-plan design. If it’s not possible to décor the area with a banquette-style seating, go for an extra wide dining table and some chairs with a minimal design. Define the area with an oversized artwork and an impressive chandelier. Incorporating large items in one place will give the room a luxurious feel.

Most people don’t even bother defining a dining space as they take their meals in the kitchen. However, repurposing a suitable corner and decorate it according to your personal taste can be highly rewarding. It will not only be a cozy spot for having dinner with your family but also for inviting your friends over for a game of bridge and coffee.

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