How To Handle Pets During An RV Trip?

There are many extra conveniences when we travel with RV and one of them is that we are able to bring our own pets. RV owners want to explore many locations, while bringing as many comforts as possible. During the summer, we could see many families in RV hoping to get a fun-filled trip. There are things we should consider during a trip, especially if we bring our own pet. In general, RV should be properly pet-proofed. In general, the pet should be placed in comfortable area of the RV, so any hard jolts or even an accident won’t cause bruises or more serious injuries.

RV furniture should also have slop cover, so we can clean dirt brought in by pets more easily. A portable vacuum cleaner is also useful to quickly cleanup hair and debris caused by our pets. We should be aware of things in our pet’s path. As an example, dogs may chew extension cords inside the RV and this could cause fatal electrocution. Toxic insect repellents and cleaning supplies should also be placed in safe areas. Although the pet may be docile at home, they may exhibit a different behaviour during an RV trip. In this case, dogs could be trying to get used to the new environment, so we should allow an easier transition.

Pets should be restrained or placed inside the cage when the RV is moving. Sudden stop could throw pets against sharp, hard objects, such as the corner of table. This may cause bruises and even bone fractures. Whatever method we use, it should be conducive to our dog’s comfort level and size. Just like people, dogs and cats also need to stretch the limbs, head and torso. It means that during a stop, we should let our pet out and don’t leave it restrained or caged. If our pet rarely goes outside, it is important to keep watch it all the time. A missing pet is a problem that we don’t want to face in any trip.

Eventually, pets need to be able to handle themselves alone during outdoor activities. This will become a part of their education process and we may even teach our pet with a bit of separation. When we need to leave the pet inside, we should keep the air conditioner running. This will make sure that the dog will experience a good level of comfort. In general, dogs should feel perfectly comfortable.

There are many things that we could carry for our pets. They may include toys, blankets, bed, treats, dishes for water or food, flea repellent, pet first aid kit, a copy of pet’s medical records, a list of veterinarian clinics in the destination areas and a leash. Luckily, there should be many pet supplies stores that we can find along the trip and larger grocery stores should have special sections for pets. It is also a good to choose a pet-friendly campground, so we will be less concerned about things that can happen to our pet.

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