How to Maintain Our Floors?

In many cases, floors are waterproof and impenetrable. It means that we could clean it rather easily. Polish, paint, coating, dust, dirt and other things won’t stick easily on good quality flooring. In many cases, vacuuming followed with mopping could appropriately clean our floor. In many cases, there’s a 10-year plus of warranting against fading, wearing and staining. Good quality flooring will look wonderful for many years and it requires minimal maintenance. When cleaning floors, we shouldn’t use mops aggressively, because it may erode the grit slowly. When mopping, we shouldn’t flood the floor and use aggressive movements. Mopping water should be changed when we no longer able to see the bottom of the bucket.

We shouldn’t use waxes or polishing products. Also, never clean with steel wool, scour powder and abrasives. Spills should be wiped up instantaneously. In general, any liquid shouldn’t be allowed to stand on our floor. Dirt is a common issue when we want to clean our floor. If we don’t remove dirt regularly, we could cause fine scratches as we walk on them. There are other things that can cause scratching. Foot brushes and floor mats pick up dirt and they should be cleaned regularly. Table and chair legs should have protectors to avoid possible scratching. If scratches on our floor are deep enough, we could use touch up sticks. If damages are really severe, we would need to completely remove the floor at least on damaged areas. In this case, we would need to purchase the same flooring models.

Floor is often the least noticed parts in our house and we may abuse it. Damages could happen if we use detergents and acids improperly. We should care of our floor and we need to know how to do this. With proper techniques, we should have a durable, long lasting and healthy floor under our feet. In this case, we should be careful with how we clean our floor. As an example, marble require different cleaning and maintenance methods compared to mosaic floors.

Here are some of the floor care methods that we need to use:

  • Hardwood flooring: We should make sure that our hardwood is protected from hard cleaning detergents, dents and direct sunlights. Regular dusting is also very important.
  • Marble: Marble is known as a rich looking and beautiful flowing material. However, if we poorly maintain it, marble could get darkened very quickly. Marble needs to be swept and mopped everyday with neutral cleaning agent.
  • Ceramic: Ceramic tiles can be cleaned easily with scrubber and polisher. We would need plenty of water with low sudsing detergent and washing soda.
  • Mosaic: Mosaic floors are durable and very hard. They are preferable because very low maintenance is needed.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl flooring needs to be wiped up quickly when there are spills. We shouldn’t use abrasive scrubs and detergents. Polishing agents should be used rarely.

We should consider these precautions, if we want to ensure durable and long lasting floor under our feet. Painted floor should also get fresh coat occasionally or they could become dull.

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