How To Mix and Match Candy-Colored Hues

For many, candy is a reminder of childhood freedom, carnival goodies, and adventures with friends. These associations explain why candy-colored clothing adds a touch of youthful flamboyance to any ensemble. If you’d like to learn how to mix and match candy-colored hues, read on for advice on how to create an outfit that will be a reminder of blissful childhood days.


While many candy colors are vibrant with red, blue, and green hues, others feature soft pastels, like cotton candy and saltwater taffy. Regardless of its vividity, all candy-colored designs have one thing in common: they’re all solid colors. While this may seem like a travesty to people who love prints, it’s an opportunity to explore new themes and outfits.

You can use pastel hues and bright pops of color to balance wild designs. Use these colors to break up your patterns and add an extra layer of cohesion. Athleisure wear is a great way to express solid colors in a fashionable way—whether you’re looking to layer different styles or go for a simple look, District Clothing has a great assortment of quality basics to supplement your wardrobe.

Solid Matching

Create an outfit with several solid colored pieces for a fun, creative look. With some simple layering, you can add a retro flair to a modern vibe. Choose one color and wear several shades intermixed with white or black to make each hue pop and to evenly highlight every color.

A white collared shirt paired with a vest, blazer, and capris in different shades of lavender will make you look polished and elegant, all while subtly maintaining that fun candy color.

Candy Denim

While you may be accustomed to blue jeans, it’s time to mix it up with some sweet surprises. Choose colors reminiscent of your favorite childhood sweets and match them with neutral colors and cuts. For example, if you’ve chosen pink shorts, break out a white V-neck and pale espadrilles. If sky blue is your go-to color, top it off with a pale linen blouse and nude sandals.

Regardless of your color schemes, let your denim shine with neutral shirts and shoes. Online fashion boutiques, such as The Pink Lily Boutique, have a variety of skinny jeans and capris in many different colors. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter which candy-colored hue you go with, as long as you enjoy wearing them!

Clashing Colors

While matching colors can be an obvious fashion statement, clashing colors is a fun option for those who want to run against the stream. Pairing bright blue with lavender, pink, or green makes for a dazzling, contrasted display. As long as you repeat one shade in your accessories, your look will bring the heat without being overwhelming. Intentionally clashing your look is an excellent way to call attention to your unique style.

Match Your Hair

Coloring your hair in electric hues is a popular trend that many have been recently adapting. Make your hair an essential part of your outfit by matching it to your candy-colored clothes. If you have light hair, it’s easy to add a touch of pastel to the tips and match a rosy glow with cotton candy clothes. Go even bolder with ombre hair, continuing the dark to light progression into your clothes. You’ll be sure to make a bold fashion statement that will have everyone looking!

A Sweet Little Thing

Everybody loves candy, and bringing a little sweetness into your everyday wardrobe will ensure that your fashion statement will remind everyone of their favorite childhood treat. Don’t be shy when trying out a new style—be bold and experiment with fun colors, prints, and accessories!

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