How To Travel In Mexico Safely?

Mexico is known for its enchanting colonial cities, archaeological ruins and immaculate beaches. It has everything from romantic architectural landmarks to stunning natural scenery. The rich culture and fascinating people add to an irresistible charm of the great nation. Mexico is known for its world-class standards and they can be enjoyed quite affordably, compared to attractions in North America and Europe. Unfortunately, many people are concerned about their safety when they are travelling in Mexico. In reality, this is a rather misplaced fear, especially because Mexico is still a developing country.

Mexico is a very safe tourism destination. Crime also happens in the United States and many parts in Europe. In Mexico, crime is often related to drug distribution and it is usually concentrated in urban areas, such as small parts of Mexico City, Cuidad Juarez and Tijuana. In fact, 95 percent of areas in Mexico can be considered as safe for tourists.

However, like many other places around the world, we should still be wary of petty theft. In fact, many unwary travellers reported that they became victim of pickpockets while travelling in Paris. For any law-abiding traveller in Mexico, the biggest danger is still related to unavoidable external factors, such as road accidents and natural disasters. This also applies for travellers in North America.

There are many safe and exciting destinations in Mexico, including multiple quaint towns in the heartland of the country. We can also find lesser-known beach, that’s not completely deserted, but not too crowded. By asking locals, we should be able to get an authentic experience in the Mexican way.

There are paths that are less crowded, cheaper and safer. As an example, the city of Guanajuato is known for its romantic indication of the old Mexico. Located in Central Mexico, it is set in in the beautiful rolling highlands and considered as one of UNESCO World Heritage sites. There are many well-preserved colonial structures in the area. During the colonial era, the place accumulates enormous wealth due to the influx of mined silver.

Today, we can see traces of its pas opulence, in the form of impressive plazas, old churches, a magnificent basilica, aristocratic hacienda and baroque building. Average people live in colourful houses along cobblestone streets or perched on hillsides. Guanajuato is known for its accommodating and friendly residents. It should be a safe and pleasurable city for any traveller. However, regardless of our destination in Mexico, we should plan properly before leaving. There are some safety precautions that we need to follow.

We need to travel only during daylight if we want to explore the rural areas. Many cities and towns are very safe for travellers at night, so we should keep staying at well-lighted areas and with friendly crowds. We should keep an eye on our handbags and luggage at all times. We should make sure that porters are experienced and registered to the local authority. We shouldn’t get help from porters who are offering their services directly to us.

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