How To Travel With Jewelry Safely

When traveling to fabulous places, it is an absolute necessity to have the jewelry with you to match. You can’t post the ultimate selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower without your favorite necklace or the perfect pair of diamond earrings! This article will explore the best tricks to carrying your favorite pieces of jewelry with ease. Because whether you’re headed to a safari or to museum, looking your best is key.

Read on to learn more tips and tricks on being a traveller with an incredible, blinged-out style.

Travel Boxes

The simplest solution to carrying your favorite pieces of jewelry when traveling are jewelry boxes. You could either use the boxes that your jewelry came from or purchase boxes especially used for travelling.

However, it should be noted that jewelry travel boxes are better than the boxes that your jewelry may have come in because they usually contain permanent straps to keep your jewelry from untangling. You can find these boxes online at stores like Jewelry Packaging Box. There are boxes for every type of jewelry you can imagine.You should keep in mind that carrying around these boxes can get incredibly bulky, especially when backpacking. Therefore, this method should be used if you have room to spare in your luggage.

Daily Pill Box

A great, less bulky substitute for travel boxes are daily pill boxes. Daily pill boxes provide small compartments that are great for ensuring small pieces of jewelry, such as rings and earrings are secure. However, they pill boxes are not the best method to store necklaces or other longer pieces of jewelry because they tend to tangle in small, constricting places. On the other hand, daily pill boxes take up much less space than travel boxes and allow for multiple pieces to be stored in separate little compartments. Overall, daily pill boxes are great tools to store your jewelry when space is limited in your luggage. Therefore this is method is probably your best bet when backpacking.

Straws / Toilet Paper Tubes

There are not many things more annoying than untangling a necklace, especially during a time when you should be relaxing or sightseeing. A great way to avoid getting your favorite necklaces tangled when traveling is storing them in straws. It should be noted that only one necklace should be used in each straw. Simply slip a necklace through one opening of a straw then close the clasp.

If the necklace is particularly chunky, you can use a toilet paper tube in opposed to a straw to ensure that your necklace does not tangle. In addition, necklaces that only require a straw can be placed inside of a toothbrush holder along with other necklaces in straws. This way, your necklaces can be held in a concentrated, and small container. This method takes up little space and you can easily carry necklaces in this manner when backpacking.


Keeping track of your earrings can often become a nightmare. In fact, making sure you have each pair together in the same place can be tricky when traveling. Which is why it is absolutely essential to find ways to pack earrings in a way that each pair can stay together. Therefore buttons are the perfect tool for ensuring that your earrings stay together in a secure place when traveling.

Make sure to use larger buttons for this traveling hack, or it might prove difficult to place a pair together on one button. Simply put your earrings through the holes of the button and seal the backs. You can place the buttons with the earrings attached in a small box or bag. This method requires very little space and is perfect for backpacking as well.

Index Cards

Much like buttons, index cards are great tools for storing earrings. Simply poke holes into the cards using a needle and insert the earrings on the card, then seal the backs with stoppers. This method is great because it allows for a great number of earrings to be kept in one central location. You can wrap the earring in a wash cloth to ensure that they are secure and slip them in any bag. This method is also great for backpacking as well, because it is far from bulky.

Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are always a quick and easy way to travel with your jewelry. However, there will always be a risk of just throwing your jewelry into a bag. The main issue being your jewelry can easily tangle in a plastic bag with your jewelry thrown haphazardly in.

In addition, it may be hard to find complete pairs of jewelry when all of your pieces of jewelry are jumbled together. Therefore, when using this method you should make sure to organize the pieces before placing them in the bag.

Your Body

Simply wearing all the jewelry you intend to wear on a trip seems to be the easiest option. While it may be a hassle during airport security, it will also make it loads easier when packing. This way, you won’t have to worry about keeping up with your valuables, because they will always be on your person.

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