How Was Mesopotamia Became The First Civilization In The World

Before the beginning of first civilization Mesopotamia, the earth was the quiet and humble place for all the inhabitant nearly around 10,000 years ago. There wasn’t much to do. People mostly live for the food. They wander around for the search of the food. Humans normally tend to live in a different place in search for food. Human were top on the lists of inhabitant that learn things quickly. There was a rapid change in a consumption of food during the Neolithic period. The human start preserving food rather than just consuming it. The world move towards animal husbandry. The fire helps food to preserve it for the long period of time.

Human acquire different knowledge over the period of time. They learn to make different equipment for hunting by stone. The other daily household things like knife, pottery were also made from stone. Around 5,000 BC, human discover one of the greatest things that changes a lot of things forever. Human learn to grow crops. Instead of depending on hunting, humans, now can eat more staying in the same place. They don’t need to move around in search of food which helps them to settle in a single place.

They started creating more children, build houses forming small villages. The villages later developed into the community of hundreds of people. Eventually, it transforms into the world’s first civilization – Ancient Mesopotamia around 3,500 B.C

Mesopotamians were the first people on the earth that developed the foremost things that is needed for a sustainable civilization. The agriculture was indeed the biggest inventions that led humans to organize in a groups. The agriculture was further more crafted with irrigation. The irrigation made an agriculture more sustainable. The higher amount of crops each year lead to the biggest population, bigger villages and bigger town.

Mesopotamian also developed wheel, the earliest writing cuneiform and other several things that was set as the roadways for other major civilization. It is still being used today and are noted as the foremost inventions of all time. If you look around most of the things in the 21st century are linked with the invention of wheel. If writing wasn’t invented, you may not be probably reading this article. Our world would have been different.

The major cities were developed in Mesopotamia, The earliest civilization in Mesopotamia was Sumer. The ancient city of summer was a city of hope and the new beginning of the age of civilization.

Mesopotamian also developed the hierocracy of the class system that was followed by other major civilization. The hierocracy system set the first boundary for the people. The concept of power, tax, work came to rise.

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