Jay Blackmore Takes His Stance On Travel and Budget Based Photography

Take some pressure off your daily routine and break your monotony with a quick vacation. traveling for some people is like a break from the everyday routine where they enjoy the best moments of their life, reclosing, entangled in fun and frolic. Jay Alan Blackmore says for the other group of people traveling and photography along with it is more like an addiction. Life is too short to not to capture the breath-taking moments as they fleet by. However, the constant money crunch may often come between you and your dream hobby, which is why we have devised a travel photographer’s favorite log, a compact hack of some of the best on-budget camera gears for excellent photography while traveling.

  • Macro Extension Tubes: Why bother about carrying different lenses when you can just carry an extension tube which is both inexpensive and durable. They pull the lens away from the sensor and vice-verse allowing you a perfect shot of closer objects. The best part is, it’s more like a cylindrical open end tube which ensures you’re not losing out on photo quality.
  • Tripod cum Monopod: One of the most essential photography gears to balance out your pictures is the irreplaceable tripods or monopods. Carbon fiber tripods are the best since they are light and portable. However, to save on budget getting special tripods that can be converted into monopods at ease could save you a lot of hassle. Buy a tripod that includes features of monopod.
  • Follow your weather app: For photography on budget, artificial lighting is definitely a no-no. Use a weather app to be at par with the weather conditions of your destination so that you are always at the right time in the right lighting to get that awesome click.
  • Welding glass hack: If a ND filter is inaccessible, a welding glass would do it. Over exposure or excessive brightness can definitely ruin a beautiful picture. In the absence of a professional ND filer, a piece of welding glass in your travel kit should help you out with your lighting.
  • Aperture Mode on: Here is a little photography 101 from some of the best travel photographers. If you want professional quality photographs, switch to aperture mode when clicking. You can adjust your Exposure and ISO settings.
  • Newbie knowledge: As per Jay Alan Blackmore that good photography can emerge out of just about anything, in lush green fields colliding with the horizon all the way to dilapidated streets merging with crooked houses. It’s all about the perspective and angles. Look up a few photography tips so that you don’t have to waste resource and time trying to get a perfect shot. You can simply angle your camera the right way and blur the people in the frame a bit to portray movement.

While photography is often a well renowned hobby, capturing that perfect shot takes more than just knack. It takes a whole lot of experience and technical skills too.

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