5 Landmarks That Capture The True Spirit Of The CIty

Undoubtedly, we all know about the great pyramids of Egypt, the Niagara Falls of North America, or the coliseum of Rome. However, there are plentiful of undiscovered and unknown landmarks that are culturally, historically & ecologically important places to visit. Although they may not have much glory and so-called fame or they’re not similar to any overly-hyped tourist destination, still these places are truly impressive on their own way. So, let’s reveal the “top 5 Lesser-Known City Landmarks Worth Visiting”.

Arg-é Bam

5 Landmarks That Capture The True Spirit Of The CIty

Being one of the largest adobe structures in the entire world, this landmark is situated in Iran. This place is situated right on the legendary “Silk Road” route. Unfortunately, after a devastating earthquake of 2003, the classic example of Iranian history (Arg-é Bam) has been completely destroyed. Basically, 80% of the adobe structures are either completely destroyed or partially demolished. However, this place certainly holds its own unique cultural heritage and historic legacy.

Valdes Peninsula

This is another lesser-known tourist destination that is situated in Argentina. This place features the vast wild animal life. Here, you’ll find a plethora of penguins, beautiful sea lions, fur seals guanacos, giant whales, elephant seals, and other native animals. Many of these native & exotic animals are now threatened with extinction. Whereas, this peninsula has now become a critical breeding ground.

Gardens by the Bay

This place provides absolutely stunning & fresh atmosphere, mesmerizing waterfront views, greenhouses, themed gardens and much more too. Located in the heart of central Singapore, this nature park is well-connected in terms of a great transportation system. The entire green garden space is subdivided into three distinct garden themes, such as Bay South Garden, Bay Central Garden, and Bay East Garden. Other than that, this place also contains two giant greenhouses. The first one, the Flower Dome is the world’s largest glass greenhouse that is constructed inside the centerpiece of “Gardens by the Bay”. The second one, the Cloud Forest is also situated inside of this incredibly beautiful nature park that is designed to recreate a highland rainforest. Plus, this place also features to have an artificial mountain, a towering waterfall, and a spiral walkway. Also, you will notice garden’s supertrees which use photovoltaic cells in order to capture solar energy.


5 Landmarks That Capture The True Spirit Of The CIty

This place is situated in Poland. Over the course of more than 500 years, the historic city center of Zamość has kept its original layout and incredibly unique architecture. It was originally designed in order to feature the classic Italian renaissance principles. This landmark is infamous for its cultural tradition, religious diversity, & tolerance.

The Cloisters

Situated in New York city, this museum is more like a medieval castle that still holds various sculpture, medieval arts & artifacts from Medieval Europe. This place also contains a collection of the Unicorn Tapestries. The park (where this museum is situated) offers incredible views of the famous Hudson River & the George Washington Bridge.