Laser Engraving machine application in the glasses industry

The laser Engraving machine has good output beam quality, high electro-optical conversion rate, simple operation, excellent optical quality and high precision. It can engrave metal materials and some non-metallic materials, mainly used in the fields of high smoothness and fineness. Marks such as graphics, text, and QR codes. It can bring more beautiful graphic processing to the frame, highlighting the fashionable temperament of the high-end atmosphere, and can also trace the source through the QR code to transmit more information of the glasses.

The advantages of using laser engraving machines in optical shops:

  1. Permanent marking, anti-counterfeiting effect is obvious, laser coding system can effectively prevent product identification and counterfeiting;

2, increase the added value of the product, can make the glasses look higher grade;

3, stable and reliable performance, high-quality laser light speed, fine marking, beautiful effect, long service life;

  1. The laser engraving machine does not produce any chemical substances harmful to the human body and the environment, and is an environmentally safe and high-tech product;

5, printing accuracy is extremely high, control is accurate, and has a strong market competitiveness.

Common eyeglass frame materials are plastic sheets and metal, which can achieve laser-free touch marks. The laser-marked product surface height difference is close to the micron level, almost no touch, making the glasses more stylish and technological, enhancing product identification and brand influence.

The laser can not only imprint permanent marks on the frame, but also inscribe the invisible mark on the lens.

So, how do the glasses industry choose laser Engraving machines?

Industrial fiber laser marking machine, flying co2 laser marking machine, pet bottle laser printing machine are widely used in the glasses industry. Which Laser Engraving Machine is used, according to the glasses (frame, lens) material and proofing test, each The marking machines are all unique and practical. If you don’t know how to choose, please contact us. Please contact our company professionals to help you analyze and recommend the appropriate marking solutions.

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