Learn and experience: Participate in the diversity of ayahuasca ceremonies

“Ayahuasca changed me forever” claimed by retreatants of pioneering Ayahuasca retreat providers furnishing Shipibo energy healing. Like many other psychedelic researchers, retreatants are humbling about their ayahuasca experience that is not very new today, as more and more people are trying to perceive the idea of this scientific-explained brew and its therapeutic potential. Share this ultimate entourage of self-discovery with a powerful hallucinogenic compound, if you are seeking spiritual balance through triggering profound insight through Shipibo Ayahuasca for more detail visit at CayaShobo.com.

The Shipibo Ayahuasca defines to achieve this through the application of a wide variety of plant medicines, including ayahuasca, to nurture the natural healing that strives to regain balance and harmony. This astounding experience is the focus through tradition works closely with God, but has got life-changing benefits that need supportive intimate group setting, if you are still apprehensive regarding the unique qualities of the ayahuasca ceremonies, read this to realize potential effects on you:

Physical effects

During the process of ayahuasca ceremony, it causes nausea, as it is imperative to cleanse your body, from within; thus, participants do feel paramount healing experience, to reach a stage of purity. If you are concerned about the hallucinogenic alkaloids of Ayahuasca, do not worry! In order to clean out the toxins and parasites of your body, traditional diets have been followed for a few days to attain the psychotropic effects of Ayahuasca.

Experiencing Psychedelic Sequences

Many of you get petrified of this effect of Ayahuasca as experiencing psychedelic sequences is exhilarating to some and fearful to many. Note it down carefully that the participants get to visualize observance of fractals and geometric shapes of the presence of animal deities, plants along with human figure to guide them towards astute.

Now the exciting section: your psychic capability helps you to travel into other dimensions and associating divinity, other divine sources to heal.

Generating DMT (dimethyltryptamine): A entheogen, DMT is found in animals and plants. For humans, it is released from our brain, especially when we are functional: when we dream and die, and when we are born. Interestingly, this ‘spirit molecule’ gets motivated when injected or smoked and generates reality altering experiences.

Sacred to death! Yes, you may think this transcendental is superficial but believe me, this helps in visiting entities outside our reach or reconnecting with inter-dimensional beings. The entire psychological screening stretches about 15 minutes.

Share the ultimate journey with Caya Shobo for self-discovery and alleviate healing application, as our extraordinary people help you locate emotional memory to stimulate your brain cells, and lead you safely through deep personal healing and development. Your priority, both in and out of ceremony is our responsibility.  Designed ethically, Ayahuasca Retreats for transformation and deep healing to support whatever intention you carry to our retreat center. We offer a varied range of retreats sessions that center around Traditional Ayahuasca Ceremonies guided by our trained facilitator team of Shipibo shamans for practicing Shipibo Ayahuasca.

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