Make The Most Out Of A Limited Space: 5 Tips On How To Design A Small Bedroom

Decorating a bedroom is a task entirely different from designing a particular room in the house such as your kitchen. For sure, at the planning of your bedroom design, you can already encounter various difficulties along the way, and how much more if you are planning to design a small bedroom.

A small bedroom is hard to design because you will not know how to fill the room with furniture and accessories to make it functional and attractive. For instance, you will worry more about the risk of making the already limited space all the smaller when you furnish it with furniture.

Thus, it is essential that you know about the various ways on how to design a small bedroom. Here are some tips that can help you in making the most out of your small bedroom.

Make Way for the Natural Light

In the design of your bedroom, you should make sure that you let the natural light from outside into the room. It is because letting in natural light is one of the ways to make a limited space look spacious and feel airy.

For that purpose, you should make sure that you have a window in your bedroom. Also, you should avoid hanging blackout window curtains over it. You can use net curtains, plain roller blinds, or gauzy curtains instead.

Light the Bed Space with Wall Sconces

As your purpose is to make the most out the small bedroom, you should take practical steps such as avoiding putting lamps at your bedside. Instead, you should use wall sconces to light up your bed space. Sconces are also excellent in drawing our eyes upwards and creating the illusion of spaciousness.

Choose Light Palettes for the Color Scheme

There’s a timeless interior design wisdom that says “light colors open up a room,” and that is especially true in designing a small bedroom. Choosing light palettes for the color scheme of your room makes it more reflective, airy, and spacious.

So, if you want to make your bedroom more spacious, you should go for light color paints for it. Choose shades of gray, tones of white, or pastels for its color scheme.

Go for Furniture That is Multi-Functional

For you to save precious space in a small bedroom, you should consider thoroughly how you furnish it with furniture. For sure, furnishing a limited space is the most challenging stage in a small bedroom design. However, you can well do it if you choose multi-functional furniture.

Multi-Functional furniture is an excellent solution to the problem of a less spacious room. For example, there are headboards nowadays that can double as storage for books and magazines.

Multi-purpose furniture allows you to furnish your room with few furniture pieces, thereby maximizing the space in the room. You can look for multi-functional furniture in sites like Deal Wiki.

Be a Minimalist

More often than not, too much clutter in a room is what breaks the aesthetic appeal of a small bedroom. Thus it will do you good if you follow some minimalist philosophy in designing your small bedroom.

Avoid putting too many accessories on it. If furniture or accessory does not prove to be functional, ditch it. Always keep in mind that less is more.


You can make your small bedroom look spacious and comfortable if you have the right ways how to design it. For sure, you will encounter difficulties in the design process. However, you can always pull off the design that you want if you follow the tips mentioned above on how to design a small bedroom.

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