Making a fast and effective business website

The application scripts which clone the various features of a website like functions, design, etc are known as clone scripts. Nowadays, these scripts are frequently used to develop websites with the same functionalities and design. This approach can be used if you get inclined towards a business model and want to get inspiration for setting up your web portal.

Many service providers help in doing so. For example, suppose you want to start an online B2B portal, then you can get help from a clone of some successful B2B web portal, like is a very famous market place offering a numerous variety of products and establishing a huge customer base. Based on the same approach, you can facilitate your B2B platform for merchants and businesses to offer wholesale deals on consumer goods at wholesale rates to small vendors.

Types of clone platform

You can either choose a readymade clone platform or a customized platform as per your preference.

a) Ready to go clone platform

Ready to go clone platforms provide prebuilt standard features that enable the user to start their project quickly and with quality. This helps in cost-effectively launching the website also. Owing to the readiness of the website, with a little customization, you will be able to connect to your target audience to expand your business.

b) Customized clone platform

Customized clone platform can be expanded and customized at a higher level. You can easily modify it to match your requirements. A good clone script should have a money-making factor within, for that, you need to launch a full-fledged website with features that are eye-catching and unique. Whether you need to alter a few features or to add some more unique features and modules, everything is possible in a customized clone platform.

Suppose you need a clone for a B2B portal like Alibaba clone. The key features of this clone script are listed below.

  • Provides a separate profile page for each member with the details of the activity made by the member like products, purchases, and sales.
  • User-friendly search engine to find a wide range of categories and subcategories for buyers and sellers to search for products.
  • Extensive search facility for the users of all regions or countries to find the products.
  • Displays the best products on the homepage with full details.
  • Enable forum section for the open discussion about the product and trades,
  • Shows the complete description and information about every product.
  • Provide trade updates and price watch about the recent deals on the home page.
  • SEO friendly interface
  • Easily accessible admin dashboard and CMS.
  • Provides hassle-free payment and transaction management.


 Several service providers provide website scripts for famous web sites like the  Alibaba clone script. They provide a complete customized facility for all products, scripts, and apps. They provide a custom responsive and mobile-friendly site for your B2B market place startup venture. They also listen to your requirements like alteration of an existing feature or addition of a completely new module to your websites and give relevant suggestions and solutions.

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