Meningioma- All You Want To Know About This

Life often brings such circumstances which seem hard nut to crack. Such situations leave a deep scar on the pages of your life. Yes, diseases like cancer, tumour, AIDS, etc. are one of such killer attributes which can shake the base of your life. Meningioma is one of such silent assassins who creeps slowly and makes you feel helpless all of a sudden. But, instead of being worried, you should look for the best Meningioma treatment India. Before that, you should know more about the disease and its signs and symptoms.

What Is Meningioma?

Meningioma is a type of a tumour that affects the meninges. It is the membrane around the brain and the spinal cord. No, it is not the actual brain tumour but it is one of the sub-divisions of a brain tumour because it creates pressure on the portions of brain, vessels and nerves. Among the common type of tumours, meningioma is a common type.

Often Meningioma grows slowly and there may not be any symptoms. But, silently it can affect the brain tissue, vessels and nerves which may cause serious disability. Mainly, meningioma affects women of old age, but there is no steadfast rule. It can occur at any age. As meningioma grows slowly, the symptoms are not that much vivid. Therefore, it may not be monitored at the first stage.

Symptoms of Meningioma

The symptoms are not that much clear at the first stage. Usually, meningioma affects selective part of the brain or spinal cord. The most common symptoms of this disease are-

  • Trouble in vision, like seeing the double or blurred vision
  • Hearing loss and a ringing sound in the ear
  • Headaches
  • Loss of memory
  • Seizures
  • Loss of smell
  • Muscle twitches, jerks and spasms
  • Lack of control over your body function
  • The difficulty of breathing for 30 minutes
  • Sore muscles and numbness

These are kind of symptoms which can point towards meningioma. But, there are certain signs which can also be of some other diseases. Therefore, if you suffer from any of these, you should consult a doctor immediately.

Diagnosis of Meningioma

Often the symptoms are not clear, therefore the treatment can only be started when the symptoms are clear enough. Initially, a doctor will prescribe for an MRI and CT scan. Thus, the doctor will identify the location of meningioma and determine the size can be easy.

To check out whether a tumour is benign or malignant, a biopsy is performed. A surgeon removes little part of a tumour to identify this. What to do if there are no symptoms? In that case, observation is the only way to check out. Patients must be going through regular brain scans to determine whether a tumour is growing.

If surgery is required, doctors follow craniotomy. In this method, a piece of bone is removed from the skull. Thus, the surgeon can check out the affected portion of the brain.

Here you get information about meningioma. Maybe, you don’t understand the symptoms earlier. But, if you face any of these, consult a doctor. Don’t fall for self-diagnosis.

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