More Time Left For Aliens To Meet Us

How much time has passed, I do not know, but it was already very late, had long been held not a single car, it was reticent? At this time, we were on the road before reaching the village. Top-Tula, about two kilometers, maybe a little closer or farther away. We decided to get off the road to the plantation, light a fire, get warm and eat. My husband went to see where we should go down the road.

A few minutes passed, maybe 5-10, I was alone, it was quiet, silent. I stood and looked at the sky, just like that, because it was dark all around. It all happened suddenly. Suddenly, as if to close the head and immediately open.

More Time Left For Aliens To Meet Us

Between the stars on a black background of the sky lit up a large bright “star,” it was very high but lower than the stars differ from that of the stars (the star seems a simple round ball, and this has been flattened). The color she had a milky bluish, very bright, reminiscent of a little welding color, this star emits light as rain, light aura dissipated down, and it seemed to me that it, in the body of the star that is moving like a star breathing. A few seconds of “star” stood still. I froze, staring without blinking, straining his vision, in my opinion, not even breathing. Then the “Star” slowly went up, up in a motion of zigzag like alien and human meetup.

I was afraid that her husband might not see and cried. He called me from a distance: “What happened!” I could not explain, and only shouted: “Look, look!” He said: “Where, see” – then I shouted: “This run, faster, faster.” He replied: “I see, I see” – and ran up to me. Was this actually an alien invasion on earth?

We stood by and watched as the “star” first slowly, then faster and faster went to the north and disappeared, the only light stain remains, which began to slowly dissipate until it disappeared almost completely.

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