Reasons Why Nitrile Gloves Are Gaining Popularity

Gloves are an important accessory which provide safety to our hands from infections and extreme weather. Because of their protective qualities, industries where workers have to deal with hazardous chemicals have made it mandatory to wear gloves. The variety of gloves in the market is enormous; however, the past few years have witnessed a surge in the popularity of nitrile gloves. These are strong, comfortable and offer greater protection to the hands. But it can get a bit confusing to choose between nitrile, vinyl and latex gloves as all of them have their advantages. Here, we have mentioned a few reasons that have contributed to the increasing popularity of nitrile gloves. 

Resistant to chemicals

As compared to latex, vinyl and other gloves, nitrile gloves offer a much greater resistance to chemicals. These gloves protect the hands from petroleum products and lethal chemicals and also do not tear easily. This makes them a protective tool for people working in industries like automobiles, plumbing, manufacturing, industrial applications among others. However, these are disposable gloves and thus if any chemical spills over them they need to be immediately discarded. 

Free of latex

Since Nitrile Gloves are composed of synthetic rubber, they are the perfect accessory for people suffering from an allergy to latex. This feature has made nitrite gloves quite popular among medical professionals. For example in situations like applying Ambu bag, nitrile gloves keep both the wearer and the patient safe from allergies. The gloves’ surface comes with micro-roughened finish. This provides a much better grip irrespective of the gloves being wet or dry. 

Much lower resistance to friction 

Nitrile gloves are not only sturdy and comfortable but have a much lower resistance to friction. Because of this, one does not have to put in too much effort to put them on or take them off. This quality comes handy in industries where the professionals have to frequently don and doff their gloves such as the food processing and food service industry. Some of the features of nitrile gloves include powder, polymer coating and chlorination. These features enable the gloves to absorb excess moisture and also makes them softer. 

Conforms to the shape of the hand

Nitrile gloves provide a perfect fitting and with ease conform to the shape and structure of your hand. Comfortable and loose gloves can prove disastrous for those working with dangers chemicals. Nitrile gloves take care of this and provide the wearer with a comfortable fit as they react easily to the body temperature. This makes them perfect in a number of work environments ranging from automobile and manufacturing to sanitation services. 

Puncture resistant

Nitrile is a very strong material. These gloves have come to be trusted by professionals as nitric can withstand wear and tear and is also resistant to puncture. In comparison to latex gloves, the nitrile gloves provide a puncture resistance which is around three to four times more than the former. The nitrile gloves make your hands safe and secure from all kinds of injuries that may result at the workplace such as bruises, cuts, piercing, etc. Therefore, these gloves have come to be widely used by tattoo artists, doctors, laboratory workers, emergency medical technicians and many other such professionals. 


Nitrile gloves are made with the highest precision and come with a number of qualities. They are waterproof and are quite advantageous in damp conditions. You can wear the gloves under the ordinary working gloves to prevent the water from seeping in. 

Longer shelf life

The nitrile gloves are much stronger and sturdy in comparison to vinyl and latex gloves. This gives them a much longer lifespan and also makes them cost effective and convenient.  



Of all the varieties of gloves available in the market, nitrile gloves are the most versatile. The powder-free nitrile gloves can be used in almost any type of industry such as food and healthcare to construction. 


Though nitrile gloves in India are slightly expensive; however, their advantages make them the ultimate accessory for those wanting to keep their hands safe from hazardous chemicals.

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