Significance Of Grease Guns In Making Lubrication Easy

Lubrication is a strategy that improves plant and equipment uptime. It has a direct effect on equipment durability. When it is done incorrectly, or inconsistently, then it may impact negatively on plant and machine parts. Well-planned lubrication practices keep the assets generating profits.

A good lubrication practice helps to achieve high reliability of manufacturing products. It eliminates the friction that totally contributes to the failure of machinery and its parts. Lubricants always stay in between the sliding matters. It serves like roller bearings. It reduces the coefficient of friction and then reduces the force to move. This helps to separate two sliding bodies which reduce friction.

There are various lubrication equipment’s that help to provide lubrication. Sturdy Engineering tools is one of the best Lubrication Equipment manufacturers. These lubrication equipment are used from aviation & agricultural pumps to industrial and automotive servicing equipment. Grease Guns are the most important lubrication equipment that widely used in the industry.  

These guns are used to reduce the time which we spend in lubricating equipment. Grease guns can be used in a number of industries like farm machines, automotive equipment, wind turbines, industrial applications and much more. There are many types of grease guns include manual grease guns, pneumatic grease guns, cartridges, corded grease guns and much more.

These guns are mostly used in auto garages, there is a specific point by which lubricant is applied on grease fittings. There is a point in the gun, which applies lubricant where it is needed. These guns are filled with lubricants which are generally thick. They are efficient because these guns handle speed when greasing moving components.

The user must be very careful while loading the gun to prevent contaminants ending up in the grease. There are chances of a problem with grease cartridges which is metal slivers can mix in with the grease if you are not careful. So, remove all the contaminants while loading lubricant in your grease gun.

These grease guns are also used to lubricate spindles. There is belt guard which must be removed in order to lubricate the spindle. While applying attachment to fitting, then grease gun will allow the spindle to be lubricated easily. Another grease fitting is lawn mower deck that will need to stay lubricated.

Grease guns are most effective to grease a chainsaw bar nose bearing. There is special grease gun for this purpose. The chain-saw grease gun is designed with a piercing tip. That piercing tip applies lubricant when the pump is pressed. These grease guns are used on light and heavy duty trucks. Also, sports utility vehicles also use this gun to lubricate their grease fittings. Grease fittings are located on the U-joints and drive shafts of larger commercial trucks.

A grease gun is highly useful and efficient lubrication equipment to the toolkit. It maintains and cares for your plants and machinery. You should protect your grease gun and let get the best of it.

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