Ghats Of Kolkata

Take a Trip to the Historic Ghats Of Kolkata

The cultural hub of India, Kolkata has been contributing to the cultural integrity of our motherland since its very inception. Entwining the best of both worlds, the city of joy is known for retaining our cultural identity in the best way possible. Speaking of this, we have come across the Ghats of Kolkata which often get side-lined when we cherish the heritage of Kolkata. The vivacity reflected by these ghats is unparalleled. Giving a sneak peek into the rich history of this good, old city, these ghats will surely evoke your latent fascinations, leaving you spellbound. 

For centuries, ghats have been the part and parcel of people’s lives. Moreover, their cultural and religious significance can’t be stressed enough. But, with passing time, their relevance has experienced a steady falloff. However, Kolkata is abounding with people who still cherish these ghats for the right reasons. Even tourists who choose to stay at one of the best five-star hotels in Kolkata steal some time from their luxurious vacation to experience the best of the ghats of Kolkata. 

To know more about these iconic ghats, read on: 

  • Princep Ghat

Undoubtedly, the most popular ghat of Kolkata, Princep ghat is one-of-its-kind. Whether it’s the iconic white-pillared monument adjacent to the ghat or the picturesque view of the river winding up all your apprehensions, Princep ghat is the king of all ghats in Kolkata. Constructed in the year 1843 commemorating the Anglo-Indian scholar James Prinsep, it is one of the finest examples of age-old architecture. With Vidyasagar Setu in the backdrop, this place is a must visit for every photography enthusiast out there. 

  • Babughat

One of the oldest ghats of Kolkata, Babughat got its name after Babu Raj Chandra Das, one of the most prominent zamindars in the city during the British Raj. After his death, in the year 1830, his wife Rani Rasmoni took the initiative and constructed Babughat in the memory of her late husband. It was constructed in the era when the Doric-Greek architecture was at its prime. The same style of architecture was followed in the making of this grand ghat. Acting as a quay to both passengers and daily vendors, Babughat, today stands tall in all its glory. 

  • Armenian Ghat

If we ruffle through the pages of history, we will come to know that the Armenians were one of the first foreigners who made Kolkata their base. Built by Manvel Hazaar Maliyan in 1734, one of the most famous Armenian settlers, Armenian ghat is well-known for its exquisite architecture and timeless beauty. Moreover, if you visit this ghat in the morning, you may get a chance to witness wrestlers practicing their sport. All in all, this magnificent ghat attracts a horde of tourists from all across the world and rightfully so. 

From magnificent five star restaurants in Kolkata to amazing street food, colourful markets to mesmerising ghats, the city of joy offers everything in oodles. So if you are visiting Kolkata anytime soon, be sure to make the best of your trip. 

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