Servizi di interpretariato


What is telephone interpretation?

Telephone interpreting is one of the most easy forms of interpretation. It is used when two or more participants in a (short) meeting or conference do not speak the same language.

If you have a meeting with a customer based abroad, or, for example, in case of emergencies or urgent requests, telephone interpreter services are the solution.

The benefits of telephone interpretation

Speed: over the phone interpreters translate from one language to another quickly and easily

Saving price: telephone interpreting no needs travel costs. Pay for exactly what you use.

Safety and privacy: telephone interpreting can preserve privacy, when anonymity is required or preferred.

No equipment needed: for this kind of interpretation you will need only a quality connection from the phone and a clear sound.

How does telephone interpreting works?

In a conference call, the telephone interpreter translates what is spoken by each person alternating with the


A telephone interpreter provides you with an instant communication, in real time!

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